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Man City didnt play that badly, just that they wont as clinical as they should be with the talent they have at their disposal.
Importance of that late-time winner mate. Potentially decide who wins the title at the end of the season.
Well done Joe! I take my hats off to you. Coin tosser's a c*nt.
Lol anyone else notice the song at the end is in FIFA 13?
It is quite apparent how Abramovich thinks when it comes to football. It is quite apparent what he expects of managers: immediate results. Fair enough, which fo...
Torres played ok at least
6 years ago
You probably overestimate Barca, but as the FIFA rankings tell you, their strength can sometimes be overwhelming
Yeah, I agree with Mahir, such stats doesn't prove anything in soccer terms. You are implying that Costa Rica is the best nation in terms of the sport since the...
Di Maria, player of the month
So looking forward to the el classico, two colossal titans colliding. Should definitely be entertaining.
Balance. Basic science will tell you that the taller one is, the higher the center of gravity of that player. That is why tall players NORMALLY do not have the ...
The scoreline didn't reflect United's performance, but at the end of the day, no matter how a team wins a match, it doesn't matter, does it? All that matters is...
Two words to your comment: that's football
I don't think it was, the Getafe player knock the ball off Messi's feet to the wide man.
Even as a Madrid fan, Villa's type of statement is actually commonly used in the football world today. There are mainly two reasons I can see why Villa commente...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Its really misleading an article with a picture of a mid 20s player discussing about a 5 year old prodigy
A unnecessary problem to say the least. A little understanding from both players will more than enough settle this dispute. Evra may not comprehend what Suarez ...
Total understatement
That will be disastrous, because Vidic will be imprisoned and you guys will be one defender short
Real Madrid, they buy all sorts of players from United. Just kidding
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