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5 years ago
Lyndon wrote in On Legatuss wall
No problemo!
7 years ago
FC Bayern is the Best team in Europe!
That's called optimism ;) great win against Frankfurt btw
Gehauf, so start quoting me again lol! you are my student. sit on ur chair.
By the way gehauf,... Do u know some 1 name: Gehaufmeinschwanz?
Do u know some1 name Gehaufmeinschwanz...
I did not know im so important to ppl like u, that u quote me and stuff is some issues in ur mind. lol i dont even recognize u kid. but haters are good in a way...
What u are trying to acuse me of, just doesnt make sense. you really need some Help. who has time to go back all the way and to look at some1s comments like u d...
Gehauf, you should attend my classes. your good at quoting me and taking notes LOL. why are u looking to start an arugment loser? Creat a comment of your own, t...
Kass, what kind of reply is it to what BayernMunich Said? u should post these things seperate or at the Dortmund forum. what u said has nothing to do with FC Ba...
Thx for the info mate.
Cool man.
FC Bayern is back to Greatness again.
Gehauf, ur picking words out of context kid. grow up. by doing that u change the whole meaning. you don’t blame the ref for anything, such as offside or foul ...
FC Bayern played Dominant! very nice goals, my Friends FC Bayern is Back to The Greatness again!
A younger keeper has way faster reflexes. experience he will gain, but the old keeper can never gain reflexes.
I dont think so, usually clubs dont loan the players in positions that there are in need of. and keep in mind that butt is too old already, i wouldnt keep him f...
I think we are going to win vs Frankfurt!
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