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4 years ago
LedleyKingsKnee wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Really enjoyed the article, more of the same please!
Andros Townsend has weirdly spiky shoulders. Looks like he's wearing shoulder pads. wtf.
Andros Townsend runs like a thief. That is all.
I'm with Magneto on this one. Considering the chances we had, we should have taken all 3 points. Important to note, that even a draw like this is majorly impor...
5 years ago
Frustrating how many chances it takes us to score. By the 90th minute I wanted to find out where Dempsey lived, drive up there and urinate on his front door. ...
Wish RVP hadn't gone to united, the crafty dutchman. He's one of the best forwards not just in this league but in Europe! I can imagine the sadness in Wenger'...
Worried about how many chances it takes for us to score. A real worry. On a side note, McDermott has a head like one end of an uncooked sausage. The economy ki...
I enjoyed that. A lot. We should have been more clinical in the first half, because then we would have matched those blue bastards for scoreline, but I'll happ...
Hahaha Ibrahimazhar, good one. We went to the fancy bar once, had a good time then got kicked out unceremoniously. Now we just go to the local pub, where all ...
To be fair, what's the point being there if you're only going to be cannon-fodder like Arsenal always end up being. Keep in mind we got further than you in our...
Chelsea remind me of that guy you see in expensive bars. A few months ago after he broke up with his girlfriend he went to the bar, popped a bottle of champagn...
I can't be the only person to thoroughly enjoy City's absolute failure in Europe, surely? It may be out of jealousy, I admit, but I can't stand that team. I ...
I actually watched match of the day yesterday. Haven't been able to in over a month thanks to our form. Very encouraging performance, I just hope we can main...
Alright folks. Whether you're still interested in the tournament or not, stop by the "Fifa 13 Tournament xbox" forum page and let us know what your situation is...
At half time I was almost ejaculating out of joy. After Extra time I was weeping into my pillow. :( Why would you tease me like that Reading? Why?
Thanks man, much appreciated!
Hey there mate! Welcome to footytube and thanks for the friend request! I gave you two cool votes in exchange! Hope you have lots of fun on here. :)
Haven't managed to capture one in a jar yet, so nothing to worry about ol' chap. Thanks for the heads up!
Why hello there, Sir ledley's knee. Been having enough of a rest in the new ambassador role that you've decided to come back to football in some form or the oth...
Fines. The only language a lot of these players understand is money. Fine them. ALOT. I'm sure you'll see less diving gradually.
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