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Also missed a penalty terribly.
If Giggs was appointed I think its fair to say majority of us would support him. However if the road gets rough and we lose key games because of his lack of ta...
1 day ago
Link http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/manchester-united/12148870/Jose-Mourinho-convinced-Man-Utd-job-is-his-if-club-sack-Louis-van-Gaal.html
2 days ago
So... again there is Mourinho talk. This time reports that he's said to 'close friends' its a done deal and he will be manager of utd next season. So without g...
Can't criticise him for driving a spectacular car. He's being paid well so why not treat himself... considering he's 21 what else do you expect? I know I'd have...
Cant blame memphis. still think the game should of been closed out by that point. plus DDG helped us as per usual.
3 days ago
Yup once again as majority of matches DDG saves us from a likely defeat. Made more worldclass saves and kept us in the game. Its because of him we look good in ...
Meh, fair result, yeah Depay flunked his lines there. We should of killed it off at 1 - 0 rather than revert to systems of old. We looked... mediocre with a mor...
4 days ago
To put it simple... No... not at all.
1 week ago
Vardy... Yay or Nay? Rooney or Vardy? Showing some good form and that strike against Liverpool was just... wow! Do you think he can continue at his level next ...
After our December form I can never praise LVG. But, I do like the consistency we have been showing of late.
The board want success and they are getting it each time they acquire a new noodle deal! Whoopeee Noodles!!!!
Pep will get his players once he arrives, deals are probably at an advanced stage already. He will clear out and bring in what he needs. He isn't going to keep ...
Problem is our board are way to slow to react to anything and you can't (well you can) blame them, they've never been in this situation before. Whereas for othe...
Some may think I'm over reacting but if this isn't addressed soon we will sink further in this hole. A team that is/was used to winning and challenging on all f...
We will be struggling for the foreseeable future. Any transfer targets will be overpriced. Signings will become mediocre and not of the pedigree we expect. Pl...
Are we over exaggerating the Pep Guardiola effect? I just think of the possibilities he can bring to City. He has a great proven track record, is young, has ...
Poor management from the top down, this is disgraceful. Seems our only hope at the moment is Giggs (no experience whatsoever) Yes we are truly f**k'd!
Pep to City! Has been confirmed... Where does that leave Man Utd? Is Giggs still the answer? Do we have a knee jerk reaction and demand Mourinho? Are we reall...
Leckz gave the Juventus v AS Roma video a rating of 1
1 year ago
Leckz gave the Juventus v AS Roma video a rating of 1
Leckz gave the Juventus v AS Roma video a rating of 5
Leckz just became a Rival of Manchester City
Leckz just became a Rival of Liverpool
Yeah I totally agree. Im not jumping the gun, just enthusiastic. The games against 'proper' opposition will not be easy. But in general I'm very happy to have t...
3 years ago
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