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LeagueStar wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
I know its quite sad cause Arsenal are gonna have to fight the same way they did last season if not harder. Wenger needs a big midfield signing and soon
5 years ago
Because Chelsea were the better team in that match and Chelsea lost because Chelsea got robbed of 4 not 1 not 2, but 4 penalties. We were game the the better t...
6 years ago
I like how Di Matteo is making things look easy at Chelsea, lets hope it last.
Sturridge should not play if he is going to be selfish. I didn't like that from him, soccer is a team sport and you need to setup others if they are in a better...
This looks very much like game over to me unless Man U stop Bilbao from their possession domination in the return leg. Man City were unlucky but there is no exc...
I know its game over for United. They should thank the referee for the PK and hope it counts significantly on the return leg.
Franky4fingers is right Bilbao's brazen style of play will cost United. United need a solid midfield and back for the return leg.
Today Barca rose above that hate for me. I saw: 1. Two penalties not given 2. A ref that only God knows what he was thinking when he gave Pique a straight red c...
Wow!!!! Arsenal were lucky but wow RVP was clinical. I dont think arsenal are a fast passing team as they use to be but Wow great goal, that was a difficult fin...
Our tactics and morale looks very weak, which has always been there since the ending of last season but that no excuse for sturridge missing two clean cut chanc...
Venezuela got sliced and diced. Spain are just so good, too good. Did Torres even make the bench? that Soldado has so much talent, Chelsea thats the kind of gu...
Chealsea has never looked comfortable in the back, that high defensive line is not working out and this is a firm prove of that...I dont know what AVB is thinki...
As pissed off as i am rite now this is funny.....Any old lasting fan of Chealsea will miss the days were a trip to Stamford Brigde was a garanteed win.
I know you could have driven a bus rite through the gap..It looked far too easy, Even Barca's B team would have had no problems plucking us to shreds, pretty ho...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Lol that comment from barca1oahn pissed me off but i glad that im not the only one irritated by that, cause these days on barca forums the fans just criticized...
I know if UEFA draws barca for Arsenal agian then we can all say there a scandal going on.
I missed a penalty this week three times the stupid ball hit the post......... O no that b**tch is having an affair. I knew it but I told myself it just wasn't ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yea think it too far dou want to f****n die so stop acting so badass Miggz10
Messi a goalie...Lmao He will be at a disadvantage because of his height, it not a bad idea but it will be funny to see him in net.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Its funny what money could get you in the 21st Century. SMH
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