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You forgot adebawhore
6 years ago
You guys calm down, a manc made that luck comment. hes probably still getting used to the interweb.
Slowly picking up scalps and building a body of work for all the haters. Duece is a legend. LETS GO YANKS!
When was the last time the three pussy cats beat the azzuri?
Getting s**t done finally!
Did United's park do any service?
The problem I have with what is going on at Arsenal is that their is a lack of trust. We, the fans have been patiently going along with the youth movement which...
1. Terry Boss could not have had a worse last name for a keeper. You just can't make that s**t up. 2. Fucito has got some technique. He showed what he has in hi...
He is such a hack! hahaha, that's good that LA got him because he will actually cost the hella $$ and such huge rhinoceros balls.
Let the dead wood speaks for itself. if a tree falls in the woods....nobody gives a fugg!
Well done, takin the mick off zendin lol well done!
7 years ago
Ljunberg hahaha, know whats up you punk ass bitch.
The ball don't lie, pen shouldn't have been given. The footballing g-ds restored order. The draw was deserved, thats 2 pts lost for United. Good work Cottagers!
That injury train is never late around this time of year, it just keeps on a chuggin through fall, winter and even spring. the real question is who is next. My ...
Giggs is class, Berba is a little bitch, so weak.
Haahahahaha, anyone who knows the history of those places knows!
8 years ago
Tony pulis is a riot. dude should have his own show
Why dont you stay on your united pages. we arsenal fans would like to grind your bones to make our daily bread. see how you feel after that. your a disgrace @ch...
@Ibra8 you are a disgrace @Chitto you too can go for a long walk off a short pier.
Such a waste of talent. Your now looking at a 19yo who was developing at a very nice rate, ready to break into the international scene for Wales, ready to cemen...
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