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4 years ago
How do you lose 1-4 and get vote awesome?
Pepe should thank the world, his last name is not Suarez, otherwise that's 95 games ban
BVB played more like a german team
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5 years ago
Wait what happen at the end? Did Ronaldo kick the guy face or not? And what hit the Courtois
Real Madrid got lucky, but then again Di Maria could've put the game away in the 1st half
Wait how did they miss clearly offside goal, I thought Malaga did a great push up
When did Alves start rocking this blond look and DAMN Messi makes all the difference in the world
I don't mind the win, but I have to say we got lucky and we escape. I agree with the red card but I also agree if he didn't get a red. what's the fortune part i...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Its sad United can't win titles with this type of Bias, just send off the other team keeper next match, or send off Gerrard every time United play against Liver...
Thank you Ref for not giving Ozil penalty and thank you for giving Barca free kicks when they just run in circles and fall down like little school girls, every ...
Joe Hart highlight reel?
I don't even need to watch the highlights to know Liverpool is down to 10 men during the Man U matches, plus FA would make sure Jonjo is suspend for 30 matches ...
I can watch the whole match again
Stats from Azebaijan games shouldn't count on your career stats sheet
How dare people voted England Average, should've voted legendary, I mean An English Attacker scored with his weak foot
This is one of the greatest football season ever, crazy Man City finish, Bayer knock out Real in an amazing fashion, Dortmund got the double, Messi breaking the...
6 years ago
Champions don't give up till the very last minute, Man U 1999 Champion League title, France's Euro Cup or Liverpool Istanbul Miracle. But the greatest champion ...
So whenever a team wins it's Barca style? Can we call it Barca style lost when your team turn on the sprinkler. How about when players complain and roll on the ...
Grats to Man City, finally FA fix favorites Man U and Barca lost this season, Also hats off to QPR for fighting but lil bit disappointed for not trying go for w...
2 cools votes, love it when you said to "Messi4ever10" "You happy now?" That was AWESOME! See you round!
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