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^25 goals in a game huh? Would you dare bet your whole fortune that it would happen though? I wouldn't dare place a bet personally. Not with the fire power you ...
1 day ago
Still don't understand why they abused Wenger though. If anything, the whole team should have suffered abuse, not just Wenger. To each his own I guess, but p...
I thought we there will be another draw after the round of 16? I could be wrong though. But Monaco, just the team I wanted.
3 days ago
I will give credit to both Messi and Ronaldo in as far as how they have managed to overcome poverty. I have respect for players who had humble beginnings, and ...
4 days ago
I was never convinced by Neuer, he's a great keeper, but he'll always be behind Kahn imo. I do believe De Gea and Courtois will reach the heights that Kahn did...
@Tharius But that's not up to them, it's up to the Glazers, who are quite frankly money grabbers, who would sell De Gea to raise funds in a heartbeat. @DaGaza...
Not just yet, imho Courtois and De Gea are still 1 level below the greats, pretty close though. These are 2 young keepers with the world at their feet, they'll...
^Wasn't there a joke about Liverpool being SAS last season? Can't deny those two were the main reason why you guys made 2nd though.
Wow, I never thought I'd see a defence worse than ours( without Kos and Mertersacker).
^That would probably involve a bunch of air tickets mate, lol.
I'd say both. Lampard had world class players all around him for most of his Chelsea career, meanwhile, apart from Alonso, Gerrard has crappy midfield partners...
^Spot on, but if someone is dead, the aggressor deserves the death penalty. I don't care what modern Europe thinks, but the olden day Europe would have the agg...
1 week ago
Toni Kroos taking a corner is almost like having a Penalty, there's a good chance he'll make the assist. It continues to amaze me how accurate he can be with h...
I have never blamed Wenger for anything. But I'll credit him anyway.
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