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@st1or The Messi of the doctor's world surely would make more than what Messi is making. It's just that his or her earnings would be hidden from the public eye...
Erm, the season Liverpool finished second, it'd be Suarez for obvious reasons. As for the others, there was a season when Mandzukic was doing pretty well. Ben...
1 day ago
^There is no sarcasm mate (on my part), I just find the idea of a big club hiring an unproven manager repulsive. And therein lies the problem you see, no big c...
I get that Wenger came to us as an unknown, but face it, the climate of football these days has changed so much, it barely resembles what it used to be. Get a m...
2 days ago
Someone who has won titles regularly. No manager who hasn't won titles regularly should be at such a big club. Look at Utd and Liverpool and those managers (R...
Wrong, it's not Utd's global appeal but Martial's price tag. The fact that he's lived up to it and looked better than most regulars makes him deserve it.
Geez... it took you guys close to a whole season to figure that out? Well, not as long as Pool did to figure Rodgers out but come on, unproven manager, no title...
Midfielders scoring goals isn't a concept i'm too comfortable with. No issues with Sanchez or Ramsey doing so, but Ozil and Cazorla are our playmakers, they rea...
That's pretty darn impressive, step up his game by a couple of notches and we'd have a Cristiano Ronaldo, albeit much older than he was, but we all know Ronaldo...
If there exists anyone who can revive Liverpool, it is Klopp. Eince Benitez, they have had nothing but underwhelming managers apart from one Brenden Rodgers mir...
3 days ago
Let them rip?
Go further back, Djourou, Senderos, Eboue and Almunia. Wow, how did we not get relegated with this lot?
Last statement, fans would hate him? Please, we all hate Costa, I can't imagine any Arsenal fan who would blame him for that red. Besides, Vieira whom we all l...
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