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^To be fair, that's basically a souped up version of what Giroud is expected to do isn't it? I mean, the formation is the main problem as to why Giroud isn't sc...
2 days ago
I blame 3 main institutions for this problem. 1. the universities, for "nurturing" or "creating" scum of the earth known as businessmen. 2. the FA for allowin...
3 days ago
Pity, I quite like Campbell. But Le Prof must see something in training that we don't. I only hope he eventually becomes a starter here, along with Gnabry, th...
^With the way the league is these days, even the likes of Watford or Burnley can spend £50 million on a single player easily.
@Threk But the risks are inherent. What if, we get a Roy Hodgson or a David Moyes or a Brenden Rodgers? It'll all fall apart quicker than we can ever imagine. T...
1 week ago
Everyone is blaming Wenger for the lack of spending. But is it really Wenger? I still believe strongly that the board has tied his hands and sealed his lips. I ...
Well, even if we lost at 3-4, I think it's a necessary evil. Wenger needs to see that we have holes to plug. I keep saying every season, we have an incompetent...
I'm not greedy. 1-0 will do.
Results over style i guess. Well, depends on whether you see football as entertainment or a business. The latter is what Mourinho's style is after all.
I want Mustafi and one more defender if I'm completely honest. With our injury record, 1 signing wont cut it. Especially with 4 competitions ongoing. Unless, We...
Good riddance to us humans I guess. We're the cause of world destruction anyway. The faster we go extinct, the happier the rest of the world would be.
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