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I'll assume you're talking about September. In any case go to the Arsenal website to get your tickets. The price difference varies from game to game.
8 hours ago
^Terry nominated Rafa. I'd like to see a scot doing the challenge. Well, one that swears at least.
Nah, I'd rather keep him. We have depth issues and medical stuff issues. Make a new signing, but keep Podolski.
10 hours ago
@Alfrodo I see your point, but isn't it a little arbitrary? I mean, for a kid to make the trip all the way to Barcelona (I'll use Barca as an example), he must ...
^Hahaha you're doing this on purpose aren't you? Knowing that he can't reply.
21 hours ago
Oh? I love Giroud, no doubts about that. He is an awesome striker. As for counters, wait till Walcott, Ox, Gnabry and Sanogo start together.
It's ok to do that as long as you draw the foul. Problem is, Santi isn't much of a diver, so it becomes dangerous as a result. I don't think a diver would have ...
^Again, exploitation? I've heard of regular companies exploiting children, but what sort of exploitation could arise from playing football? It simply makes no s...
I said it when Barca got the ban in the first place, it's stupid. Do you really think Asian/Middle eastern academies are good enough to produce the top football...
As always, it's just a bite, goodness people sure like to make a big deal out of nothing. And Pepe's manhandling was pretty much a norm in the 1980s. Don't know...
Oh come on, it's just Besiktas. We could have lost 6-0 and I'd still consider us favourites to go through. Don't know what the big deal is, drawing 0-0.
Well, it's only a matter of time before yoyr club and ours get bought by some sugar daddy, and besides, I'd rather not risk having the likes of Crystal Palace o...
^Unfortunately it would seem so for most great players who have either remained as a figurehead in football or simply those who have had nothing to do. At least...
2 days ago
^Spot on. I didn't even know who Piers Morgan is until you guys brought him to my attention. Piers who? Owen who? Sorry lads, I don't know any Arsenal haters.
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