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Https:// Damn, one of the best airline commercials in recent times. Turkish Airlines have outdone themselves this time.
1 day ago
1. Read and understand the question (and I don't mean skim through quickly). 2. Make short points before you write the answer. 3. Ensure you have at leas...
2 days ago
What the hell? The second coming? And with 4 of them (Zizou's 4 kids).
3 days ago
Well, a judge here once said, Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is happening to FIFA I reckon.
4 days ago
^I beg to differ, Peter Shilton and Ray Clemence were pretty good successors to Gordon Banks. That's as far as I'd go. England's goal keeping department has a p...
5 days ago
@Malik Hmm, nah, if they're wielding AK47s, I'd likely find myself dead :P @Zilch Hence the word "if" lol. @Shaymoose I can't think of a better word, mate....
^If that really happened, I don't care if he was a terrorist or whatever, he's got my respect (in his capacity of a fan). Firing a gun to celebrate a goal is s...
Erm, I thought the original rules were such that violence should not be used on fellow players? Is there a need to protect pitch invaders and/or errant ball boy...
I would not think Rooney is an England great just yet, but to be fair to him, he never had a decent coach. Don't get me wrong, Sven and Capello were not crappy...
Pity though, he's born in an era when the rest of his teammates, barring maybe Oscar are no where near the level that the famous Brazilian legends who had an ex...
6 days ago
Yeah, but when your best just doesn't cut it, you really have to look elsewhere. While it is true that all the world cup winners have been led by their own cou...
1 week ago
And to think they're the best British managers, along with Roy Hodgson... Oh how we've fallen since SAF. No British manager is ever going to reach those height...
^More like Ozil is made for counters and counters only. If you watched Germany in 2010 and their counters, you'll get what I mean. Mourinho played counters hi...
Erm... even if his dad is excellent, I don't know if his kid'll be any good tbh. It'll be an... interesting signing.
@Asasiyun Of course I agree that stats don't tell the whole story, basically, it's our starting points that are different. You see, for your style of analysis,...
@Asasiyun Well, actually it does, what I'm basically saying is, no matter how vulnerable a defence looks, as long as no goals are conceded, that's just fine to ...
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