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Hmm... I saw the Ronaldo miss. But yeah, it's rather different from the counter attack I had in mind, i.e. the Bale goal against Barca. But yeah, their style ta...
17 minutes ago
I will at half time mate, that stream of mine hanged during the goal itself -.-
31 minutes ago
How else would they do it? Counter attacks are the best against a possession based style.
39 minutes ago
The first 3 minutes already looks better than yesterday's game. Unfortunately, the stream I have today sucks in comparison to the perfect stream I had yesterday...
41 minutes ago
Hmm.... that does make sense. I suppose counters just won't work for us. Maybe I've been watching too many Mourinho Madrid games. That's practically what they d...
3 hours ago
^Good point mate, well it does seem like we fit the bill based on your checklist. Do you think this'll work for us, given the conflict between styles as pointed...
11 hours ago
@Johny The problem is not confined to just football. Admittedly I am spoilt myself, as are 3/4 of everyone my generation. The next generation sure looks worse t...
Lol, probably the wrong place to have this debate, but I just came here to wish you guys good luck. After all, I have just placed a £200 bet on Madrid winning ...
Euro 2016. Mark my words, Belgium will be on the level of the traditional power houses.
Hmm... took me a while to understand this (only got what you meant drawing it out) lol. But thanks for the explanation. And yeah, I agree in these circumstances...
France has always produced high level defenders. There is at least one great defender every generation. Before this bunch, there was Mexes, and before him, the ...
I guess that was indeed Mourinho's plan, but the players on the field had enough fire power to attack. Schurrle and Willian, had they pushed forward in support ...
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