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I once read an article that said Germany had far more qualified coaches than England. We're talking about 10 times or so. Look, if our best English coach is Ro...
7 hours ago
We can always sign Blind and immobile?
Yeah, I saw Franky's video. Fox Soccer's angle only showed Marcelo, so I thought he was offside. My hate of refs got the better of me. Sorry for the confusion....
2 days ago
Alright, you're right Franky, that replay angle I watched only showed Marcelo. That's why I thought JuanFran was offside. Still doesn't change the fact that Cl...
Believe me, Pepe is a lost cause. Never rated him regardless of his performance. Not since the el classicos years ago. He's a condemned player anyway. Apart fro...
Wasnt the provider Griezzman?
^I'll check it out in the morning. In the mean time, just leave me to bash Clattenberg for a while. Its going to be a while before i can bash refs.
@Franky Carrasco was definitely onside. The cross provider though wasn't.
Oh please as if you guys dont bash La Liga refs. Lets face it, refs are worthless these days. I dont have to take a second look to bash one. Considering our sea...
^The cross from Griezzman looked offside. Well even if it was or wasn't who cares? Its Clattenberg, he is not by any means a decent ref imo.
^I was criticising the ref, not trying to discredit Atletico or Real, I don't care about either team anyway. But the ref, our EPL failure of a ref. I had to cri...
At least the replay angle i saw was offside. I might have to give it a second look. Griezzman was offside when the cross was made i think. Didnt give it a seco...
2 offside goals and a soft penalty though...
If he no longer manages football, I'll have him manage my finances. Sure, I won't be top of the line rich, but I'll be marginally rich if Wenger manages my fund...
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