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@KingLeo Using Messi as a forward would simply mean that there is no space for Higuain, Tevez or Aguero, which means there will be 2 spaces left in the line up ...
2 days ago
Argentina is not built around Messi and herein lies the problem. Higuain is NOT good enough and neither is Arguero. If Messi just plays as a forward, all the ...
To be fair to Messi, he's better than any of the forwards Argentina has, yes, even Aguero. The team is not built around him. Barca though is built around him....
He should go to Turkey, the money is good and it's like a retirement home. He'll have to exert himself 90% less which will do wonders for his injury problems.
5 days ago
^and the perfect retirement home.
^Isn't 32 old enough though? No man ever beats age, so it'd probably be better to ship him out while he is still worth alot.
Oh please, I don't believe an Englishman has the ability to carry out a death threat. the posh aren't that dumb, the middle class wouldn't risk anything and the...
Higuain? If I wanted to feel the pain of having our striker miss open goals consistently, I'd rather shoot my own leg.
1 week ago
^Why? There is no shame in losing to Messi. Would be a different story though if Jesus Navas or Antonio Valencia did that to you though; in these circumstances,...
There are better defenders out there, they really should go for Boateng, he'll want his Messi revenge after all.
^That's not nearly enough. I'll take Bale and Varane + 100 million :P
Listen to Henkaa. Really, I doubt players actually ever start rumours, even for Sterling at Liverpool. It's always the media we so revere and yet, they're usel...
If QI even qualifies as a documentary, that's what I'd go for. Very interesting mix of humour and knowledge.
2 weeks ago
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