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I'm kidding mate. Footytube is not a profit organisation, I'm well aware. Just wanted to take a shot at google/msn etc. backfired I see.
3 days ago
Sorry but I've always said this, we have a worthless board at the moment. Give Wenger a Shiekh or a russian billionaire and watch him work his magic. Mind you, ...
Well, this kind of reminds me of the messages sent whenever big corporations mess up and have to apologise for one reason or another;its usually insincere :P
No, the point is, they need a break. There's only so much a human body can take, unless you're in your early 20s, which for some weird reason, only injuries can...
2 weeks ago
No way mate, 4th is as low as I'm prepared to go. Someone needs to tell our board to piss off, and get a brand new one imo.
When you are in your late 20s and early 30s, maybe you will know how it feels to age. Men, when we hit our late 20s, cannot play even 1/3 of the the games your...
I do believe I asked this question when we lost at the start of the season. Well, rather than disappointment, I have all the respect in the world for West Ham, ...
Yet I recall so many of you were up in arms when I asked what you guys were thinking bringing BR on board (that was when BR was first appointed and many asked t...
3 weeks ago
Putting us aside for just a moment, I'm amazed at what Bilic has done to lift a Big Sam West Ham. From relegation contenders to Europa League Challengers. To ...
^Its about balance mate. EPL teams have traditionally had bad balance. The last balanced team I recall was Mourinho's first Chelsea spell. Sure, you can have ...
Geez mate, what's the big deal? I'm sure many of you lot have given them hell over the past 10 years at least. If you're a real man, you can handle one season ...
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