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^And meanwhile, David Luiz is worth 50 million, even after that Brazilian nightmare game. I'd venture to say an injury prone defender > Luiz.
7 hours ago
I'm waiting to be picked up by the Chelsea management to be a scout or something. I know I'll be paid well, but I know I'd make a terrible employee. Am not go...
Haven't you guys learnt not to trust the media so readily? I've long lost faith in responsible journalism. It seems these days, anyone can be a journalist. It...
^You guys have a slightly better team than Chelsea, but Chelsea are using their resources wisely, you guys aren't. Balance in a team is the key, and Chelsea se...
Rewind to the 1970s to 1990s and you'd find a very minor difference in football tackles and rugby tackles. Face it, our players have regressed into a bunch of ...
I don't get it, it's ok if Atletico resort to such tactics, but not ok for Madrid or Chelsea (I think it was)? Pick one man, you either like it or you don't. ...
BBC. As to why, I find ITV commentators too emotional. I'd rather watch those commentators who can keep their emotions completely in check. Almost monotonous...
No one better to do the job than an Englishman like myself. We'll ensure a ridiculous amount of debate will take place, but will do nothing until we have no ch...
2 days ago
@Colinmc Why bother? Just take a theatrical dive, it always works. Peek-a-boo just to irritate your opponent if necessary :P
So where's the guy who was hating on Ivanovic? If you cannot see Ivanovic as one of the top 10 to 20 defenders in the world, you're clearly blind. But what's ...
^Hahaha of course I do mate. Hilarious when that happened, but I can't deny I like the way he oozes confidence. Maybe I just don't like being subservient :P C...
Ever heard of skipping? Ever since I left England, I've regularly called in sick after matchday, particularly the Champions League games. I'm probably what peo...
But the converse also works. See "we are the best, we cannot and must not lose to anyone". That works out equally well. Of course, it's more arrogant to think...
3 days ago
Take Reyes and Eboue out and that's about right. What about Ozil?
^They're probably the biggest club in football, along with their eternal rivals. Can't say it's surprising.
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