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A wise Arsenal fan thinks the wise Liverpool fan is ScouserDan :P
11 hours ago
Dear Hull City, Thank you for your comments. We sympathise with your squad's inability to beat us. We will try to appreciate your slightly skewed view that Ar...
12 hours ago
^Forget Lamela for now, if you guys get Allegri, you're screwed...
1 day ago
Well then, time to place a huge number of bets. It'll make me rich!
2 days ago
The Germans.
PFA PTY - Suarez hands down. No one else deserves it over him. YPTY - Probably Hazard. Manager of the year would be Rodgers 100% if he wins the league.
^Zlatan :P
3 days ago
I think both players have mutual respect, I mean, lets face it, neither player would be as good as they are without the other. There probably wouldn't be any ne...
I think we can all agree that we hate divers, but suppose then we have a striker who doesn't fall over easily, but would do stuff like pulling the defender back...
Ronaldo did get sprinting tips from the fastest man alive before, so it's no surprise if he actually is a little quicker. I would like to see Bolt with the ball...
What?! who the heck said Everton deserved 4th over us? We could lose every game from now till the end of the season, and I would never say another team deserves...
^Woah, are you saying, then, that Ronaldo hasn't justified his price tag?
^Lol, you can make yourself cool by predicting something else. Don't worry, I have an elephant's memory. LOL
Ozil is not a prediction, it's a given... A world class player will take a season at most to adjust... You need to predict something else mate, lol.
Actually, I agree with Cjay. That does seem to be a possibility. And as for Van Persie, it might just be the same as is with many of the probable world cup cand...
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