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I'd say to observe a little longer, just in case they turn out to be one season wonders. Far too many one season wonders these days.
7 hours ago
I want a sugar daddy... just to pay off our stadium debt from his own pocket.
^For someone who is deeply ingrained with Rijkaards style, tika taka definitely isn't interesting. Heck almost every other style is inferior to me. It's just my...
8 hours ago
^Not me, I'm in favour of abolishing FFP rules. it's well documented on the Arsenal page, though I might be the only one to think like that.
10 hours ago
It's a secular argument innit? The reverse could also be true. Clubs make their way to elites and then become financially secure, i.e. Chelsea. Eventually, with...
I, for one, think this is probably the only correct decision UEFA has made in a long long time. The rule is unnecessary imo, so a least the teeth of punishment ...
One thing to consider as a big club. Why take the risk on your own when you can just let a mid or bottom table club take the risk, taking them when they prove t...
Problem is, Benzema isn't deployed to be a scorer. He is there to create goal scoring opportunities for Ronaldo and the other attackers. I don't know why people...
15 hours ago
^As I thought ;)
^Perhaps, but it is a little slow tbh. I have always loved Rijkaard's style though. I don't think he's very popular here, but I thought he did quite well with y...
16 hours ago
^Mate, in your opinion as a Spurs fan, who is the player to watch (from Spurs)?
^Well, put it this way, without the injection of cash, they never would have made it to the title challenge. Chelsea then, were UEFA cup regulars with good play...
@MUFC Christian Eriksen. Definitely one of the next top players in the world.
Yeah, but amongst the clubs you just mentioned, with the exception of Bayern, all the other clubs have had the star players taken from them at some stage. We lo...
^That's when they sell the players. They could always do a downgrade, but the value of the players would be more than enough for them to either 1) search for Fr...
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