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Klopp for me. Despite that thin squad of his, he managed to secure fourth place over us and Utd, who are arguably more stacked and 2 points behind a heavily st...
12 months ago
Well you know, when the bank is controlled by a man who runs numerous unsuccessful sport clubs (or so I've been told), there's only so far you can go.
I don't care either way, it had to be either of those teams, we all knew that. It's not every season that a Leicester or an Atletico or a Wolfsburg wins a title...
I do recall asking for this years ago for all leagues, all competitions. Only for people to say "controversy is a beauty of the game", "it will waste time", "we...
Congrats on the title
Goodness, at this rate, if Madrid throws their game, you guys would be kicking yourselves. Edit: finally.... 71 minutes. Now if Madrid would collapse, there's ...
Can we not hesitate on Sanchez's and Ozil's contract extensions any longer? The only reason why I didnt panic when Burnley was level was down to Alexis Sanchez ...
1 year ago
Imo we simply underestimated them, and I don't blame the players. Placed in their shoes, I, too, would underestimate them. Bournemouth were not particularly imp...
Sorry lads, I'm rooting for Spurs. As difficult as it is, this is one of our last chances to break Chelsea. They need to lose and their present momentum if we a...
^Utd are only ten points away though. You guys would also be in the running.
Well, knowing the Chinese clubs, they'll come back with a much bigger offer pretty soon.
Did it ever occur to you that if Spurs demolish Chelsea and break their spirit, leading to a losing streak, all of us could potentially have a chance at the tit...
Pirlo, Alonso, Xavi and Scholes. Enough said. Whats so special about the other midfielders? Pogba is certainly on that level, that beats any other midfielder I'...
I'd keep both Ox and Draxler in case we get injuries.
We'd be fools to drop Santi. I can't think of many replacements.
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