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Thing is, Mourinho, like SAF, are masters at taking the heat off their players. And in doing so, the players can perform. If you've noticed, bith SAF and Mourin...
3 hours ago
Sure hope Schweinsteiger will take over. I remember hating his guts in 2004. Germany then were a very experienced team, and Schweinsteiger being the youngest pl...
6 days ago
^I hope not, Kroos is more than a Bayern problem. Him turning into Ronaldinho post Barca would be a complete disaster for the German NT.
Sadly, I don't understand why a great club like Juve would bring in a contender for the worst coach in a decade. Imo, Allegri ranks amongst the bottom along wit...
New era? You mean friendly massacre?
@KingLucas That's because you're all over valuing attacking players. What good is Messi could Messi do if his defence were utter rubbish? The reason why Argenti...
Well, at least Ronaldo and Costa got there, Bale, unfortunately, is in a country that would really need a miracle to get there. Ibra on the other hand well, for...
Well, beyond that, trouble is brewing for Germany. With Captain reliable, the only reliable fullback in the world retiring, I just can't see any one stepping up...
1 week ago
^These guys didn't feature in the WC, which I believe was one of the criteria that was taken into account for the purpose of ranking.
He's awesome. Working under Klopp is never a bad thing imo.
Cats are nice ;)
Well then, looks like we've tightened up most of our weak areas and we've added depth. Now to get a striker. Unfortunately Madrid and Barca seem to lack striker...
I could totally see Chelsea trying to hijack the Khedira deal. Am just surprised they didn't try to Hijack the Kroos deal for Madrid. They've done it before and...
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Well, this was a dysmal performance by Messi this time, I mean, the Messi we're accustomed to would have gotten like 12 goals in the course of the tournament. A...
Http:// Even Messi was impressed.
Http:// You guys have got to check this out.
Nah, Higuain would court even greater controversy imo. Imo, it's Mascherano or Hummels that deserves it. Besides, the attacking display this year was pretty poo...
Better than having the mcdonalds logo.
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