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We actually won a game...IN FOOTBALL!
6 years ago
Hulks goal...i'm speechless
Lol @ Wagner Love's name though
PATO'S RUN = OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn, after that I don't feel so bad about 8-2. Also RVP SCORED 4 TIMES!!!! Hopefully Arteta can give him the support his fellow dutchmen give him!
...I'm still gonna click an awesome vote for Arsenal smh...
Whilst watching this the commentator said 'Udinese have only made 10 CL Apperances' then I thought why are we struggling against this lot? In the second half w...
...btw I swear Mourinho is a little bitch!
Wanted Real to win sooo badly, just to see something different, Benzema frustrates me sometimes! Such a great game. Glad to see Fabregas made an impact in su...
I like Theo and Gervinho, alot more confidence in the front 3. Undinese were great but the Arsenal back four were even better in the end. Wish Theo put that ...
Its obvious Da Silva and Aguero play headers and volleys all day. OMG!
Dumbest s**t ive ever heard coming from a Barca fam, have you actually seen your own team play?
Hernandez looks like a lesbian
He beats up his own team-mates, i dont see why these geordies put up with it
He hypnotized the ref with his super gay hairstyle
Well on the bright side of things..wait actually no, I cant think of anything...
Innit, the hair makes the eyes even more weird...
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