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Luiz was absolutely brilliant before the red. He can't play vs City now. Make this happen vs City Conte pls. Courtois Azpi Christensen Rudiger Moses/Zappa Kant...
8 months ago
Didn't play too bad imo...
1 year ago
I think he was waving to someone, Matic was as well I think...
Pray to f*****g god Arsenal can do a job. Gonna be a draw at Goodison it's obvious either a 1-1 or 3-3.
Wanna address a few things: 1. Ake was amazing. Looks great for the future. 2. Hazard telling the "But he doesn't perform in big games" haters to f**k off. 3....
Please play De Bruyne Silva pivot again...
Honestly was so satisfied with that performance (attacking wise.) Absolutely brilliant from Hazard/Pedro/Fabregas, if this game was in December it would be 8-2....
Very suprised Azpi isn't on this list...
He was absolutely brilliant last night. Don't know what you guys are on about. Him and Kante were amazing, Willian was well, Willian, Costa a bit of an off nigh...
Well screw them, worry about us, let' shove our fist 5 goals up their ass.
Best player on the pitch in the first half.
It's pronounced Kohntay, not Cantay.
First game for a while I didn't feel like killing a Tottenham player, was a good game. Thought Matic, Kante, and Hazard were brilliant, Alonso, Pedro, and (not ...
Hazard was very good today TBH... had no chances but was influential with his dribbling, wouldn't have scored if it weren't for him, no other player on the team...
Thank you EA, btw I had 36 wins, I packed ST Sanchez and he went for 1.3 million. Bought Bale, Pogba, and Effenberg, but then sold them all and bought Ronaldo, ...
Lol unlucky, I had a great weekend and actually finished T100 :)
Thank god.
Quick question for anyone here that plays FIFA, how do you guys do in the weekend league?
City in great form? Scraping undeserved 1 goal wins against relegation contenders? Well, we did that Saturday, maybe not the undeserved part as much though :)
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