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You have to be selfish when it comes to your career, whether you're a football player or not. He wants to be with the best company who's going to take him to th...
Wellbeck needs to find his groove, you see glimpses of a great player in him every match. I believe once he gets into a true form he'll be on fire for 2 straigh...
Lmao, the look on Suarez' face when he turned around expecting to see a stampede of team mates but nobody was there. Looks like a kid who just noticed he lost ...
Glad to see Berba doing well. I did feel sorry for him at Utd but there wasn't anything that could be done, he was still great but didn't fit :(
What I love about Chicha is his belief he can score anything. You never see him looking worried about a goal drought coming, he's just always there and knows he...
Haha wtf was Lindegaard doing... Great game though, good to see our youngsters getting into a good fixture. Money on Chelsea to go all the way now.
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How he still has the job is beyond me... He's played too much Football Manager.
Good to see that Clattenburg deal went through, we have been a 1 ref team for too long with just Webb. On a more serious note though, 2 Chelsea players complai...
Hopefully people can see why Walker doesn't get chosen for England now.
England win = "Rofl its just a s**t team lmao noobs lululululul" England lose/draw "OMG SO s**t CANT BEAT SAN MARINO!@!@!@!" Can't win...
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As a United fan I was cheering Arsenal on to no end this match. To be fair it's only because I believe Utd will have an easier time playing Arsenal, not because...
7 years ago
You tell him to calm down before he starts saying Rooney is better than Messi, then you go on to say the biggest argument against Messi. You said Rooney is only...
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