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LaCeleste nominated G. Bale (72') for Goal of the Week
Dont think anyone hates him...
Played s**t teams, not even first team being played...
3rd playoff...
Best username in the history of the internet. I really can't believe I didn't think of it. Great photo as well. Cheers!
Colocini doesnt deserve to be on the same pitch as messi
Abel didnt get on the pitch. Maybe we need fresh management? Tabarez ideas are a bit old.
Madrid fans, dont appreciate world class football.
5 years ago
Rude language? are you 4 years old?
If you had watched the game you would understand that the referee was horrible.
Typical money fan, your teams a little beaten, a few bad performances on the trot, and your crying for Mr Moneybags Abramovic to spend big for the primary reaso...
You Manchester United, glory hunting scum are all the same, giving all the glory to the new money signing Van Persie, and none to the veteran who has devoted hi...
RVP, a man that has a great touch, can find himself space, and finish with pure class. You say you need someone like RVP, yet you have a man with exactly the sa...
Not true, it doesnt matter what a manager does in 3 games because the team will still play with everything they have been working on for decades. These players,...
Any other defender would have gotten up and completed the job in pain, and get treatment afterwards.
We simply pointing out the fact that Pepe cost madrid the game...
You expect Marcelo to close the 13 point gap? hahahah Madrid have conceded 4 less goals than barcelona this year, i dont think having young Marcelo fit and in t...
Are you retarded? how is one supposed to save tap ins. And the second goal took a huge deflection off Gallas, how is he supposed to save it? Lorris pulled off s...
This is probably the most retarded opinion i have ever seen in my life. Intent absolutely determines whether the goal is good or not for example Matt93's commen...
Bet your laughing now aye?
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