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Okay. Congrats to RM for winning. United still need some slight tuning . By then even a red card can't stop them.
I think United just could'nt hold on to the ball long enough , wasted many chances overall i think United were more threatening but not clinical enough on their...
Man Utd played a lackluster game Madrid dominated by United a always threatening even with little possession but why wasn't Evra's foul awarded anything and nob...
Not sure why people are complaning about evra , Made both 2 goals in this match . Obviously he's gonna leave a gap there when he goes up but when Utd are on the...
4-0 and still lucky those fkers are lucky i dun't get to see them retards.
......... What's the point..........
You fking hypocrites , when newcastle's goal was disallowed i bet you guys would come here and rant about man utd and the FA and SAF blah blah now the decision'...
If u look up luck in a decent dictionary then you'll find chelshit fc and man s**t because it's not everyday that billionares comes to your club's rescue .
All those idiots saying utd are lucky go f**k off , this kind of stuff has been happening even before i was born and it's still luck? What about that retarded ...
Actually the decision could be right or wrong easily , but rules are rules , i have got no idea whether it is counted as offside or not till now. And yes it's a...
WTF LUCK? Go fk urself your lucky a bastard dog like you is alive. We fought hard for the winning goal go fk off i give u the permission to not bother about Man...
OMG the referee needs to do an eye check-up it's so obvious it's over the line! Ahh wadever..
2nd half must be the best Man Utd attacking display all season keep it up !
I bet your a liverPoo fan creating this account today just to say this crap . ALL YOU RETARDS ARE PATHETIC FOOTBALL FANS , just jealous of Man United in all asp...
Alright then go field your under 21s and i will shut up. Retard.
Chelsea did defeated us good on that , but it's quite pathetic that they trailed us thrice and took 120 mins to beat us with two penalties against the youngster...
Are u blind or retarded it is a fact we fielded a ''B'' Team you can see it for yourself or can't you?! So your telling me theres no differences in first team a...
How were Man Utd rubbish , only the fking liverpoo fan knows. We lost today but im proud of our youngsters no need to be cocky chelsea fans our youngsters nearl...
I should say the same about last years match at stamford bridge , it's a rarity we get refereeing decisions not against us when we face chelsea in recent times.
It's just an offside goal . is this your first day watching football lads?
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