LWL91 disgraceful Napoli.......
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Oscar (Chelsea) got a fantastic second goal. It was also lucky. Juve did not score lucky goals here and so the result stands. fair. see you i Turin!!
5 years ago
Not sure if joking......... or just really stupid
Italy could have played Verratti but chose out of form Aquilani..
I missed this game.. How was Peluso and Gabbiadini?
I had the link copied already but saw you already posted it. People think we didn't deserve to win this because Napoli had players sent off.. /facepalm
Ibra will find a better form no doubt. A world class player like him will score on these chances by the end of the season no doubt!
Well maybe so but the fact that Juve had a hard time breaking through the defense could stem from the dirty display from Napoli. Look at the statistics man, Mar...
You didn't realize how dirty Napoli played? You're here because you missed the game? In that case you shouldn't comment on the match. Can you tell the ref anyth...
Padoin cross* He provided two assists in this match btw - not exactly a player you should miss out on!!
TONS of Juventus chances cut out in this 16-mins highlight produced by Napoli fans! Proud of Juventus for not playing dirty like Napoli. When you insult the ref...
"This is y i don't watch Serie A." You don't like drama? I don't get it.. Ahh now I do - it's because you don't have the channel and if you want to watch a seri...
One could have given a red to Cannavaro for taking down a clear chance for Giovinco in the first half. (These poor napoli-made highlights does not show it ofc)....
That post is so stupid! Napoli should have gone through but truth is that Napoli have poerformed the s**t out of their pants this season. Forza Napoli - can't i...
6 years ago
Giovinco.. Just wow
Napoli underestimated Roma. It's plain and simple. Napoli won against Man City and though they could go straight through games such as these with a Roma team wh...
It will seem as if Italy will have 2 teams in CL while Germany only manages 1? In addition Napoli had a way harder group then Dortmund
Haha.. but yeah, Chamakh isn't good enough..
EPL? Lol, it's been very long since i watched a game of this intensity level in the EPL.. This is serie a, bro. The teams might not be worlds' best but the inte...
Damn our defense is getting better and better.. Important games such as these does not makes Marchisio a match winner, coz he's not quite allowed the same offen...
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