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CAN"T WAIT FOR THE EURO CUP!!!!! POLAND FINALLY HAS HOPE!!!! BACK TO THE GOLDEN YEARS!!!!! The Polish Trio are Amazing!!!!!! I count each day, can't wait to fin...
5 years ago
Well, it shows the team has ability to go forward and create something and maybe on a different day those chances would be in the back of the net. You have to ...
6 years ago
It wasn't the best game we've had but its definitely not rubbish... And of all the players you listed only player that make sense to be annoyed with is Henderso...
Hello mister obvious... Torres is better than Carroll but you also have to realize their 2 different forwards! Torres's positions is closer to Saurez's not Carr...
Suarez's goal was a beauty!!! I love that Tasmanian devil!
I think it was a great game and 3 points! Its not our strongest team and we should all keep that in mind.. We were going up against wolves it was time to experi...
Rynearson i hope you didn't watch the game just saw the score and who scored so u made a post hating on carroll... He played Great! I still think he should be a...
Good game for Chelsea, Bad luck for torres again... well its not even lucky just stupidity... Its common knowledge that a 2 footed tackle will get you a Red car...
Thats what i was saying all day bro, Kenny needs to start fading him out.. Get young blood in there, a CB with so much experience should not be making does to c...
A bit of an Unlucky game, Cannot believe Henderson couldn't put it away... Just confirms my thought on he should be a bench player for little longer... hes got ...
I wanna see Coates and Agger!! Carra should faded out like Rio at this point...
Point out these people... Because they seriously need mental help! He his the Joe Hart, Neuer, Iker, etc. of Poland
If you watched Podolski he was furious Poland went up 1-0 he was about to start a fight and kept playing with anger that's why he was taken off
Half the starting team was being rested cuz they just played a qualifier and didnt think Poland had anything in them...
As a Pole im over the flipping moon!!! Polands defense is awful, but are attack is coming together nicely!! This is the new Poland a quick counter team that can...
I dont get why everyone is confused about Nasri leaving for City... The team is LOADED with talent and has the best chance to win him a trophy other than United...
@Zosoholeh Suck ma balls! Your comment isn't necessary mate...
That left foot of his was worth 10million, and The best part was he also has a right foot that we got for free!!
Also Downing was fantastic! And Kenny Finally read one of my posts!!! Carroll is the wrecking ball, Super Sub we bring on in the last 15 with Suarez still on a...
Great f*****g game!! Proud to be a Motherfucking Red!! Henderson is being put into the squad prematurely but still with Meireles out ill let it slide! and the ...
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