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All we needed to do was beat cristal palace and sunderland and we would be top of the table, this is ridiculous...
9 months ago
In my dreams, mou gets rid of all three of our strikers and buys both shrek and costa and brings lukaku back, but i'm just dreamin'
Maybe we can get Rooney this summer now that MANU is becoming a big mess :P
I think the main issue with our bad form is in our goal celebrations... our players seem to just run and scream whenever they have scored, this is obviously mou...
Pep once again lands in a team with superstars and will win everything... no challenge...
Hey you guys, I was just wondering, as I have not really followed spurs this season, how is lloris doing? I was a great fan of him when he was at Lyon and just ...
SOUTH PARK.... now... where is my cookie?
2 years ago
-firing managers -buying blonde b**ches for lots of cash
Haha good one!
Hopefully marin will get some playing time under benitez
What about calling de bruyne back and playing him in the double pivot? can he play in that position?
Guys i guess this is how bayern and barcelona fans felt when playing against us last year lets not drop to their level!
Oscar was awesome i thought !!!!!!
Naaaaah marcelo is not as good as ashley, if we didn't have him, we could forget last years champions league and many other titles, he has saved us on numerous ...
^ dayum you got the last words... plastic fan!
Agreed, pisses me off! such hippocrites but hey WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE!!!!!!!!!
Yep great coaching and poaching of young players who as soon as they start getting good leave the club for a succesfull one and win trophys. anyway we can stop...
Dude not i'm not bugging him just letting him know what he just said was a bit ignorant. I'm afraid i can not let someone call chelsea a shameless team if thei...
^ chelsea park the bus when it's their only solution you see chelsea aim to win games that's how you win trophys wenger and arsenal obviously don't understand t...
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