LSpark (Liew South Park) Manchester United u r the best!!!
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6 years ago
Really.. never die spirit FTW
Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take that
Keep it on guys
Rooting for Chelsea! Come on~
That makes them play cleanly ;)
2 cool votes for you mate:D cya around!
Good job guys, respect for the determination.
MOTM valencia or park?
7 years ago
Park is dominating the midfield now.. keep getting possession from Chelsea! good job!
Great game from Man United!!! well done boys.. see u at wembley!
Yeah.. the two goals of Messi are superb.. other than that, that match wasted two hours of my life.
Very true, when Pepe was given red, I knew real would lose the match since their defensive formation was hugely impacted.. I hate to say that we have to face bA...
I feel sorry for Tottenham.. Crouch destroyed the spirit
Schole will never success in tackling. his missed tackles is his trademark other than his precise pass. HIs 10mins is way better than Gibson's 80 mins. LOL
He is a great playmaker. created so many chances forward. Gibson needs to learn from him
Great win by MU! Hopefully this win will boost their confidence in title race and champions league. VDS is definitely the man of the match, he saved lots of ars...
The red changed everything
Yeah right.. we are a family facing teams outside EPL.. different story inside EPL.. LOL
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