LRAK1068 (Karl) Just got done curving shots
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Lampard had a tying goal.............would have changed the course of the game.
7 years ago
All these red cards in this tournament have been nothing but horse s**t, its not that i wanted the swiss to win but cmon let the lads play its going to get a li...
8 years ago
Hey if your going to just state the obvious on here dont state anything. Portugal is some legitimate beasts, they always have been like i said. They were born r...
He will play the next match tho, dont feel so bad. It was two yellows
It was unagressive and unmalicious on kaka's part. Keita was being a bitch and it worked, thats part of his job. They needed to find some strategy that worked a...
Italy is weak this time around
Couldnt have said it better myself andy
Somewhere on FootyTube
That is absolute rubbish. No one has any common sense anymore.
Thats so clownin! Too bad theyre just sayin that kuz its harder and more physical then all the really popular sports in the US where I live.
Stupid red card, but it was true. The shot was somewhat deflected but still what a strike!
Hahaha thats funny. Its the ball tho seriously greens amazing.
Saw that. Agger always brings alot of positive points
Hes a barcelona fan ya idiots, it was a joke
Nani was a huge loss but theyre still an amazing team they can go as far as anyone else. They need to play ronaldo back on the wing again and stop having him at...
Five of seven shots on target went in, tanzanias defensive hustle and keeper were slacking hard, brazil will always be that step ahead, even without using julio...
Yeah if drogba's shoulder surgery goes well haha. Nigeria and cameroon are sick. Portugal is the team im looking forward to
Agreed diddy
LA galaxy guy? seriously....
Did anyone else notice it says this is in liverpool 1992? wtf
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