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Love football and every aspect of Liverpool FC. I also watch lots of movies, play FIFA, read fiction novels.
Aaahh!! Who cares!!!
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2 days ago
Yeah.. He did get poked in the eye. First by mignolet and then a slap to the eye from sakho!!!LOL But gerrard was emotionally drained. I havnt seen anything li...
4 days ago
Oh god, what a tense game. I must say any other past season, we would hav lost the game. But we came out on the positive end of the result. Kudos to our club!!!...
5 days ago
Havn't even watched 4min of the video, and im lik what a genius. He is already every fan's favorite player. Best young player we got in the squad!!!
6 days ago
1 week ago
I dont think it is that way. Guess everybody has had there fair share of spotlight
An interesting article.. Part of what it says is right, but not everyt...
I really think we have to buy a new striker who can be better than borini because we are in Champions league(like herandez). Aspas is a goner, no future in LFC...
This is what i would want brendan to do. Sell- Aspas, Borini, Asaidi, Reina for a total of around 15-20mil Buy a promising forward and a young GK for that mon...
Amazing match!! Jose's sprint at the end was amazing to watch. Guess he was the only man who thought the match was not yet concluded(at that moment when BA scor...
Awesome Video... We say We Rise!!!! Rise to the challenge LFC!!!!
He is a class player and a class man!! Luv his sense of humour. AAAANNNDDD he plays for liverpool!!!! Next in Stevie.G!!! Cmon :)
Can't wait to see us in the champions league and replicate our performances against big teams like Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid, PSG.. God why cant we just win t...
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Hey guys, i had earlier posted about the players we would need next season in order to compete for EPL+Champions league, i din get any response then, because of...
My thought mirror what Filip90 just said. Eriksen is a much better player than what we saw. Probably its all down to team spirit, which spurs lack, but that guy...
This is just an absolutely brilliant group to watch every week, Not just for our supporters, even for the neutrals. A lot can be learned just from this group o...
Liverpool are just taking my breath away being there at the top!!! Whooooooohoooooooo!!!! Hope to see them take the title before I run out of air.. :)
Guys, We are very likely to qualify for the champions league next season, so we will have more games,trophies to play for.. So we need more quality in our firs...
Everytime I see you on our forum and when you say good things, it feels like Klopp is sayin it all!!!
What a performance!!! This team looks like a title winning team. Willingness and determination not let go and the composure when we went down twice proved the m...
To be fair to Eriksen, we were not really interested in him, and spurs was his only option. If we had bid the same amount he probably would have chosen us over ...
4 weeks ago
Real vs Chelsea: I want Chelsea to lose Bayern vs Barca: I want one of them to get eliminated(hope Barca) Manu vs Atletico: No comments PSG vs Dortmund: Both ar...
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