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You broke my comment Cherry!
Omg you're a boca rival :*
Rofl you're a USMNT and a GHANA fan? We've beaten both. Sit down son! USMNT have like two wins under Klinsmann. Weak sauce.
This topic is debatably? Spell right fool!
Chich wasn't that bad. YOUNG was the WORST! Park or Valencia should've come on for him!
Bad choice Jonathan. /:
Que bueno que no somos numero 1 por el hechizo del superlider! I'm glad we're not number 1 because of the curse of the superleader!
No. First of all it wasn't a Fifa sanctioned competition. Second of all, Mexico beat Argentina in the Copa America 2004 and that was an official competition.
Ukraine only made it to the Euros because they are hosting I'm positive they would've gotten eliminated in qualification otherwise. Mexico can definately beat...
I'm glad we're at least playing a European team. I hope our second friendly does end up to be Ghana like rumored.
Serbia or Slovenia would be great. I think we're getting Slovenia.
Sigh, I wish Chepo would release the list already!!! I have a feeling we won't even know the callup list even while they're playing! The players will just wear ...
I guess i'll forgive Chepo for not calling up Vela this time, since Vela got an injury. But man we're not on Brazil/Spain/Germany's level to be excluding our be...
Total fail, Vela and Nery Castillo should've gotten called up. Sinha, Peralta and Rafa Marquez Lugo don't deserve a callup.
I know he didn't say that, I was being sarcastic.
Osvaldo? Hell no! Never again!!!!!!
So Rafa Marquez was suspended for his comments against the NYRB saying he was better than them... here is the interview. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLte2jKm...
This coming Feb 2012? nice. :)
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