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You create your own luck.
The boy's twitter account --> @CHARLIEM0RGAN The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting
The ball boy is an idiot. apparently he's the son of Swansea's director. Tell me anyone who are not mad if it happened to you. the ball boy was asking for it.
Utd gets easy game when the opponent give them too much respect, just like Liverpool did in the 1st half last week. Tottenham came at utd time after time and ev...
Dear chelsea, show support to your manager.
So is it Rafa fault Chelsea didn't qualify?
When Suarez eventually get a penalty, we are going to have a PAAaaRTY!!
Liverpool a wealthy team?Rafa brought Liverpool into financial crisis?man utd fan never cease to amaze you.
I want Rafa to succeed to prove everyone wrong but at the same time I want Chelsea to crash and burn.
Yeah yeah, coincidental bla bla bla..just like LFC, Chelsea, Arsenal player(s) got sent off against united.
Sucks that you cant beat them both
6 years ago
We're not racist, we only beat mancs!
Only lucas can stand up to Yaya Toure..
How nice..city fan stand up for united..a great city isn't it, manchester..
Feel sorry for united, they got the hardest group..........
Its empty all year long...
What happened to their relationship? “It’s exactly what Arsène Wenger was saying one day. When we were rivals, we were no longer friends. When we were 20 p...
Rafa Benitez talked to the sunday times before last season Champs league final(yeah the one you got thumped by barca) When Benitez won in Istanbul, Ferguson se...
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