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You were lucky don't deny it. barca hit the post 2 times, ball cleared off the line, 3 other really great chances scuffed by the Barca players (Sanchez, Fabrega...
6 years ago
Chelsea very lucky. Barca hit the post 2 times, ball cleared off the line, great saves by Cech and still a few more great chances. Barca had 15 shots on target ...
What a blatant dive by the cheat Ashley Young. Getting worse than Nani and Berbatov. At least Andy Carroll got rightly carded for his s**t dive but no the refs ...
@7reddevil7 I wish. :)
@ poppyfield well I can agree with you there. Also only called him an idiot after he called me a racist w****r.
Suarez's kid is so cute! :)
Yes great generalisation there. also @poppyfields how is asking someone whether they understand english racist/xenophobic? it just smacks of looking for a scape...
What the hell are you on about? do you understand english?
Another media muppet. since when did we "defend racism"?
Haha pique is 20x the player evans is.
Haha what a bellend you are!
Credit to Blackburn. You guys had so many players mssing but showed us how to play football. ROY OUT NOW!!!!
7 years ago
^^^^ ***GLORY HUNTER ALERT*** Listen you dumbarse, a true fan supports their team through thick and thin (and not just when things are going their way). The ...
Yes i did watch the game.. I mean lucas shouldnt be playin at all in any games!! Ya he's improving and thats the upside of being so s**t, you cant get any worse...
Was Reina playing for Chelsea? :S
So die-hard that they don't mind stabbing other team's supporters! Pathetic!
Napoli are a bunch of diving pricks!
Last I checked Lucas didn't play yesterday. Did you even watch the game? And lay off Lucas! I agree Poulsen is terrible but Lucas has shown his determination...
Napoli have a disgusting bunch of players and fans. Diving all over the place and pretending to be tough off the field. THIS VICTORY IS FOR THE LIVERPOOL SU...
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