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Yawn... this blog is so ill-informed that Mr. Hallet should be embarrassed. Barcelona has turned in profits for 5 of the past 6 seasons. Even Madrid, whose tran...
6 years ago
It's Visca EL Barça
7 years ago
You don't have any idea what you are talking about. I hope you are enjoying the cool-aid
This is german
You think their defense is the problem?
Love the commentary
I can't stand how the English commentators mis-pronounce Martinez.
There is no reason to overreact. This is a youth team that was in the fourth division two years ago. They were good enough to win promotion twice running, and w...
What a ridiculous sending off. VILLARATO! VILLARATO!
Any guess who the commentator supports?
I am amazed that the German TV station can put together a 25 minute highlight film without any build-up play at all. Xavi put on another masterclass, but he d...
8 years ago
Typical English television. No replay of the penalty Clichy committed on Messi? clearly it would be good material for debate to compare the two incidents, unle...
I agree with Odaynasser. It takes guts to say so after he scores such a sensational goal, but it is true. Great player though he is, his reputation is greater s...
"P.S - Among all these 12 stars 7 of them were/are in Real Madrid, can u believe it?" but all 7 earned the Balon d'Or at another club. Barcelona, on the other...
I get lots of stick for calling Torres overrated and wasteful. It will be hard to argue with me this week.
That's Italian.
The pic crazy!!
There is no grey area in life? or in football? you clearly don't have much experience in either.
Henry is well past it. His pace was what set him apart, and that has gone. Even last season he only really offered two things to Barça: a) He kept possessio...
It was clearly intentional, and he has cheated plenty of times before. But let's be realistic, most players straddle the line between cheating and fair play. He...
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