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5 years ago
L0ckz0r nominated T. Walcott (90') for Goal of the Week
I think your actually wrong. As far as debt to profit ratio, Arsenal are probably the most financially well off club, maybe after Manchester. Arsene had more tr...
6 years ago
No unfortunately. For all the talk they spouted preseason, he hasn't been given much game time at all.
It's hard for to say it was excessive force when it didn't even phase Nani. Great game from both teams.
He's good with his head, but he's very average with his footwork. He doesn't really fit the Arsenal mould very well, high balls aren't really the Arsenal way. Y...
Chamakh is there to change the attack from pass pass shoot to attacks that come in from the cross. It's less about ability and more about style I think.
I would hardly call it the B team, it was A team players who were just in a bit of a lul. The players they had on the pitch are hardly B team players.
7 years ago
Messi obviously pressed Triangle
Harry for goal of the week
Their keeper was the best part of their team. He had some amazing saves and put his body on the line.
Please give us the option to vote on our player of the match or the best player on each team for each match
Nasri never scores a boring goal. Good play in from Fabregas
The thing with the head butting is it doesn't matter whether it's enough to bring them down. It's illegal either way. Going down is either from the surprise of ...
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