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It's tough to watch the mentality on the field at times. Too relaxed when there is no reason to be. Games last 90 minutes so play for 90 minutes. Is it too l...
Obama doesn't have a football team worthy of note.
Good showing by the Gunners. Made things happen offensively and showed the potential they have (Something lacking in the Man U game). Unfortunately I can only...
Today I watched a mediocre Man U defeat an extremely poor Arsenal. Man U unquestionably deserve this one, but I was hoping to watch more of a battle today. I ...
When the defense is poor, options become limited. They chose... wisely.
Just because someone doesn't understand the rules and is a Man U fan doesn't mean they're a 14 year old kid. It just happens to be the case this time.
He was so good. I was sad he didn't get a goal, but his through balls... so good.
I don't even deem him lazy. He's just a goofball. I wanted an Arshavin jersey so bad because, to me, he encapsulates the spirit of the game.
Julio Cesar had a Great game. Due to his performance I deemed Arsenal lucky to walk away with 3 on this one. The goal that was speaks to that point. Still, G...
Too early to say definitively, but if things don't change I'd agree. Much easier to start making these statements in January, but for now I just gotta believe....
A deserved loss. Arsenal can't play this poor and expect a win. Hopefully lesson learned and they bounce back. Gotta say though, if the final would've been 0...
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