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If we don't make it to CL this season, you can forget about any world class players in summer...
2 years ago
You're obviously an idiot...
6 pts behind 4th....:DDD
Never gonna happen... It's just not possible, and I even doubt we will get anyone in january...
We denied any rumours about chasing him... Thank god about that. SPL top scorer, are you kiddin' me??? I could be a top scorer there..
Actually, he's not the first team material yet.. He wasn't in first team in Sporting so that means he's here for future plans not for the first team action...
And maybe this is a sign where Demba leaves... The fact is that Papiss and Demba are very much the kind of strikers with the same qualities.. That just won't wo...
I think these are more realistic...
@Hri100 Maybe they are all mediocre, but they are maybe the best that we can get... People need to understand, that not playing the CL will not attract best pla...
No, he's not overrated, he just doesn't have enough playing time... And he would be a good addition, very creative midfielder and we do need him...
False rumour, he already said he will not be leaving Swansea, maybe in summer..
Sow all the way...
And last season Bale was overrated... I think he proved some people that he's surely top class player and a best winger in EPL...
It's just a simple stat, of course our performance i way better than last year, but 21 goal is just very poor... Not to mention that Blackburn has 25 goals. Cli...
If someone didn't know, Cavani's buy out clause is 100m... Some people here must realise the fact that if we don't end up in top 4 or should I say CL next year,...
Did you know that last half season with Hodgson we scored 21 goals until the end of decembar ??? So nothing has changed except defence and that is the only good...
Thanx for add mate, two colls for ya...:)
Probably the worst year ever for English clubs...
Jovetic is young and supertalented and his price is probably crazy, so we don't have a chance of geting him... Agree with ElNino, Ramirez isn't the half of what...
Villa plays the worst football in PL... It's not a surprise as their manager is McLeish, former Birmingham manager...:D We must beat them, win or nothing...
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