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4 years ago
Blame really shouldn't be put on moyes. The players need to start taking some of the blame. Every week united "fans" have a new criticism for moyes even when we...
United fans, cmon stop beating your own team. Start supporting! so much negativity. It's times like this that fake united fans start getting weeded out. Get beh...
You know what credit to agbonlahor. its not too long ago that villa looked like a promising team then they lost barry,milner and young. agbonlahor stayed and ev...
5 years ago
Pretty weird celebration from vucinic... man took of his shorts
More blame should be put on the linesman and ref.. should of seen that but oh well thats life..
Haha i love the bbc commentators call.. "won in fergie time" lol
Podolski's goal caught me by surprise.. did not expect that at all
Lol in other words what he's saying is that you dont have a job
Red devil fan til i die but for some reason i've started loving juventus. hands down my second favourite team in europe
6 years ago
I cant be the only one irritated wit the highlights.. i cant watch the msn ones cuz i live in Canada nd the rest are horrible. where are the dailymotion vidsss ...
Criticize torres all u want but one thing hes never stopped doing is givin a ton of effort
Man footytube has been giving sum shitty videos
Is this stuart downings first goal for liverpool.. i swear i never see him score.
What he s saying makes sense tho.. the teams that are in the regulation zone at times do unexpectedly beat teams higher in the table. with that being saidd i th...
I'm really happy that bolton is out of the relegation zone even though its by one point. For some reason i dont want to see bolton leave this year haha.
Pause the 14 min dialy motion video at 5:31 and look at the old guy with a cigar in his mouth loool wtf
Villa were unlucky not to get the win.. from the highlights looks like they were the better offensive team
I watched this game and even when qpr had the pressure it was just like they couldnt get the winning goal... when everton went on the attack the looked more thr...
Arsenal needed this rlly bad. they were just so s**t in every other game, no excuses.
Vorm was sick so he didnt make the game
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