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And Juventus will bribe ManU to either join Seria A or the Championship.
5 years ago
/signed. That sh*t he pulled really shouldn't be tolerated at all. Lifetime ban imo!
6 years ago
The future is bright... at the end of a long... long dark tunnel.
@Skool: At first I thought it was just a quick 5min Photoshop deal that you/someone did, but even after 1min of searching online it's easy to find reports of lo...
Lol, I /facepalmed upon seeing the picture!
Mourinho will finally show his 'soft' side once Real win the title this year: Sweet
Sentimental Mourinho:
From Dreadlord: Clearly not a penalty
Answered your comment in the Premier League chat, but I gotta say that I lol-ed at your comment about Balotelli...
@Lee333 Have you heard that Balotelli is quite calm comparing to any of his previous seasons? And even if your point was valid when referring to this season, it...
Man truly does have a point. I've checked out a few more of his articles. Very nice read, thank you Jesta.
@ Ilman, "their own arrogance" won't end s**t because they aren't arrogant, it's just retards like Prabin007 posting utter crap cause they aren't aware how they...
Terrible day at the office this Wigan business. During the match I thought few of Harry's facial expressions unmistakably translated into: "For tonight's match ...
7 years ago
Omfg! Caracciolo had his penalty saved in the 90th minute for Brescia, it could've been 2:1 for Brescia against Inter. Oh well, Inter manage to grab only one po...
I feel Barca are favorites, but that ain't the reason for Spurs to see it as a bridge too far. On paper AC Milan and Inter are both arguably obstacles too big f...
Congrats, a much deserved victory indeed. You sized us up very well, read our game throughout, and while the result might show it was a close call I'd say Spurs...
Astori definitely, the kid is not fast as I'd like but he indeed is good overall. We do co-own him right? It shouldn't cost us more than 2-3m EU if I'm not mist...
Personally I was not pleased at all by our performance. With regard to ball possession, yes we did 'dominate' but I feel that was down to two reasons: 1) Spurs ...
Gotta love the Fifa vs PES arguments hahaha!
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