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You do realise it wouldve been 1-1 if it wasnt for that howler. Relax, youre only 7 games in versing alot of the top 6 teams. I still think Arsenal would come t...
6 years ago
Finally, someone that talks sense.
If anything, blame the ref for giving the red. He was right in front of the action.
Roy got 9 points in 9 games. The second Roy Hodgson, f**k off.
You didnt watch the game. Four games in a row now the officials have made crucial errors in thier decision. So far its cost us 5 points. Yes we couldve have bee...
25 games. 1 goal. Fernando Torres.
Utter shyte decisions by the officials! Anyone who watched the game knows what I mean.
What Wegner needs is players with experience to help the young ones. But he's Wegner, what can you do?
We're Liverpool! We should always aim first!
Carrolls not the answer? f**k off. Its only the start of the season, some players would still be lacking in match fitness. Back every one of your players, even...
It would help if Arsene bought experienced players here and there to help the young ones, but thats Arsene for you.
You hope? We will mate!
Sixth isnt bad considering the poor start of the season. From relegation zone to sixth. So Roy, you said anyone else who took over wouldn't do better aye?
Horrible by Webb, again.
@DeadlyCowbow408 Lose with dignity? Try telling that to Ferguson.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Suck it up Slur Alex like most manager do. Man U are still coming first, what is there to moan about? Its pathetic!
He revived Eto'os goal scoring streak, why not Torres?
The owners messed up Liverpool. When Rafa left, Hodgson made it worse. However, I believe he wont join Chelsea.
Disgusting defensive game. How about disgusting diving game? Well deserved by Real.
Nah maybe if you changed the video from Top 10 dives to Various Players Diving, maybe it wouldnt be bias. With the Man Utd picture from the start, i could alrea...
7 years ago
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