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Such a great game, with all the talk about missing Gerrard... this is how you go into the holiday season with style.
4 years ago
The Joker wasn't serious, look what happened to him
Daydreaming about how he finally replaced Hart, then got a quick reality check by Wolcott
If your're judging the game on missed chances... there were lots of opportunities City lost out on, not to mention Pantilimon gave Arsenal a free first goal. So...
Arsenal very lucky on their first goal... Pantilimon just let it go in, there was no deflection at all. Caught day dreaming
Giroud is so tired, Gunners need another striker
They haven't had time to do anything... they will
Amazing performance by Barca, it's good to see them prove their powerhouse status without Messi on the field. Sometimes they have looked lost without him, but n...
Agreed, would be a better 16 if Napoli was in the ranks considering their efforts compared to certain others. It all comes down to the luck of the draw
Arsenal got extremely lucky. Too bad for Napoli, they deserved to go through
Hypocritical from Chelsea, who underhandedly took Torres and Miereles
The point is, United always ragged on liverpool while they were transitioning... now you know how it feels. And Rodgers took a LFC side finishing mid table and ...
English media only target foreigners with their xenophobic ways. They let WASPs get away with anything. Martinez will be sure to keep Barkley focused
Everton has been pumping out some phenomenal performances, they looked like a top 4 team vs arsenal
Chelsea will probably make the mistake of selling Lukaku. He's not glamorous enough for Roman who wants big names. Look at Sturridge
If stoke gives him play time, he may when he comes back
Hopefully he's consistent with it. His whiff vs Everton was understandable b/c he's getting back in the game. Now his legs are warmed up and he can hopefully pr...
Go buy more $70mil players
Love him, he's mature a lot this season. I think his outbursts are behind him
Ellender is right, tons of Americans think futbol is how other English speakers pronounce football. they don't realize that's another language.
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