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Tooo Zmajevi! Sa dovom se pobjedjuje. Samo naprijed momci. As soon as I saw Hajrovic replacing Miske I had a feeling something special was going to happen. Boy...
No Spain does not suck, it's just that Chile is actually pretty good.
Haha nothing to do with being anti-US bud. The US actually have a decent side IMO. But facts are facts. They did beat the German B team and a Bosnian side with ...
PeregrineT, Yep and that one defender made a world of difference. Spahic was the only guy holding an already shaky defence. Sunjic the guy that replaced him is ...
At the end of the day, I take nothing away from the US team they put in a good effort and are a decent side, don't think I'm downplaying them, just stating the ...
Only starter that came on at HF was Zahirovic. With the exception of Stevanovic who is a fine young talent of ours and Medunjanin, the rest only come on last 10...
Lol touched a nerve have I? Regardless of if you guys fielded a weaker team or not, the facts still stand, the scoring only began once we made those changes. Ca...
Free kick was taken by Misimovic not Dzeko. Dzeko never takes free kicks for Bosnia.
They only started scoring once Bosnia fielded it's B team in the second half, just as was the case with Germany. Beating B sides isn't exactly a measuring mark.
Portugal was the much better side on the day no doubt about that. Still, I don't know what Susic was thinking not bringing Ibisevic on at half time switching to...
6 years ago
"hey..shut it"? lol looks more like bruno alves is begging dzeko "please calm down"
Nutcracker, lol she's portuguese you douche bag, can't you see the portugal shirts around her?
With Lulic not far behind
Where's begovic's head gone? if he performs like this against portugal we're gone.
He doesn't score they call him a flop, he scores and they call him selfish. They can never be satisfied.
To lulice kralje! samo naprijed brate. Great goal by Senad, 2nd goal in 2 consecutive games, only just joined the club and he's already a hit for the Lazio fans...
Oladapo, how ignorant are you mate? It was Serbs and not Bosnians causing the (unprovoked) trouble in Italy. Get your facts right before commenting. As for the ...
Yeh ako bog da he get's back to that devastating form he had going
Sa francuzima nikada nije lahko i ako imaju 8 povrijedenih igraca jer oni mogu ih zamjeniti sa drugima dobrim igracima. a nase je da igramo najbolje sto mozemo
Yeh it is easier compared to the groups we've been placed in before but do not underestimate Greece and Slovakia they aren't no slouches.
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