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Germany's "goal post" challenge
I think you should go support Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City or Chelsea if you're begging for a team of stars...and want Carrick, Valenc...
Lol, all of United's games are being voted as rubbish.
Us Kagawa fans know Lewandoski, Gotze and Kagawa pulled defenses and midfielders out of their positions and they got those killer supplies from deep mid and def...
Lol, a Chelsea fan commenting on buying players. Bayern is spoiled with their own home grown crop. Much respect to Bayern for that.
Vida, Wazza and Clev were the only ones that played with some dignity. The others played like they were digging their graves in their respective positions. I'm ...
Fabio, Kagawa & Zaha - what kind of trick Moyes is playing on us lol but that pass from Giggs and that chip from Welbs though ...
5 years ago
KeviUnited nominated R. Ferdinand (87') for Goal of the Week
I always believed he was immortal now I'm stuck wishing he was. goodbye Sir Alex, you'll be missed. welcome David Moyes, you'll be supported.
Congrats FA. Just couldn't let us complete this season without a red card. Fellow reds, brace yourself - United may just concede a penalty within the last 2 gam...
Bayern is playing total football. they have everything right now. I thought no one could of eclipsed what Barca been doing for the pass 4 years. I was wrong. oh...
First full 90mins he scored a hattrick; game to win title, he scored a hattrick. he goes by the name of "Oh Robin Van Persie!" welcome to The Theatre of Dreams ...
Woah, Suarez was crap the entire game. final 3rd passing was horrible. maybe Coutinho was brilliant throughout but Suarez was looking frustrating
Was probably expecting a deja vu, "Giggs, to Van Persie ..., OH WHATAGOAL! brilliant first touch!"
Torres: *heads ball* -__- that felt too nice, must score ... >__< wtf John Terry! Terry: lol, sorry El Nino. I've had plenty practice taking what's your's off ...
El Cashico is becoming quite a fixture. from a neutral hater, I loved it.
Yeah, y'all have been saying "undeserved win.." the entire season. btw, no one won over the two legs.
Bayern has been consistent all season long. I'm wondering if they'll run out of steam before the season is over. I hope not though cause this semi-final is abou...
Cheshire, u got owned. just, just come sit with the rest of us and let the noisy neighbours play their music. we'll have a bigger party at the end of the season...
Got flashes of the last minute when I saw Aguero's run and heard, "AH-GUE-RRRRRRROOOOOOOO!!!" -_-
The banter from my fellow fans are hilarious ... but ... the day Liverpoop starts being clinical all jokes will have to be set aside
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