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Look at the bright side fellas, we still only have 2 losses, second best number in the league. Just need to convert these draws into wins, both by defending a l...
1 day ago
They are quietly climbing the table, didn't even notice them until they showed up in 4th place. Will be interesting after today's games to see where everyone st...
2 days ago
Here's highlights for that game: Man that Rooney dive is laughable. Arsenal definitely got hosed that game.
3 days ago
Ya this forum is only for FootballisCity comments.
Lol for a second I thought you were talking about the Everton game XD
4 days ago
Another bullshit penalty, so disappointed. Oh well at least everyone else dropped points too :/
5 days ago
Good first half. Everton have defended well, that being their only purpose so far. It's been difficult to create space in the final third but what a goal from S...
Bravo was hardly an ideal replacement. I'd even argue worse than Hart.
Liv 3 - 1 Eve Man 0 - 2 City
1 week ago
It's also down to the way the team plays. Being so offensive can be a double edged sword.
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