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I thought if either person was disconnected then the result would just be decided based on the current score. Or is it that whoever is disconnected loses?
5 days ago
I'm just curious, are there any stats on how many points other teams have dropped because of refs' mistakes? Certainly it's not as many as Chelsea but it'd be i...
So how about we change the topic and talk about the ACTUAL f*****g GAME! I thought everyone played reasonably well. Stand out performances were Ibe (obviously)...
1 week ago
Campaign against Liverpool.
Ha no worries, it was very clearly just a joke. In general I think most fans are well behaved but there is the minority who cause trouble/incite violence which ...
2 weeks ago
Just watched the highlights of the Stoke v Man City game and damn that would've been a fun one to watch live. Stoke had some great chances early on but City had...
Man City fans don't even like him.
Unfortunately this kind of thing happens to specific people (mainly high-profile/controversial people). If you already have a reputation, the media will highlig...
Ya it's a sad story but he survived and is doing well which is awesome. The fact that he can laugh at the irony of the situation is marvelous.
3 weeks ago
Here's an interesting story you guys might like:
KevMo gave the Liverpool v Leicester City video a rating of 5
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