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5 years ago
Kenjistl gave the Barcelona v Cordoba CF video a rating of 5
Whats goin on this season buddy? Ive been ahead of you the whole time
Gonna get you this season
Oh snap, looks like you are loosing buddy. I am in the top 1,000... sucks to be you
6 years ago
Dammnn,you suck
Dayumm...47 points
Daaaaammmnnn I'm almost 100 pts up on you now. Whats goin on with your team?
F-ing brilliant, just beautiful futbol
7 years ago
What happened to Bayern this match? They looked like crap compared to normal Ill give it to Dortmund, they had a good game for sure
Pedro's shot was completely sexual, brilliant goal. Good overall play by Barce
Great game, loved it I had almost forgotten about the hat-trick, pretty much the same shot all three times! He had that far post on lock
PS I did not see AC Milan losing to Tottenham, good game
BARCE!!! Barce Arsenal will be interesting but Barce will take it and from there go all the way to the top
I didn't want ManU to win but man that was a pretty goal by Rooney, and I agree with Pele101 Nani was the man of the match, brilliant play
Gotta love gattuso and crouch fighting... the height difference is massive
Still can't believe your s**t says you play semi pro haha So uchida has gotten me more points than anyone on my team accept iniesta... i bought him for 3.5 ha I...
MESSI!!!! Im not worried about Arsenal in the Champions League, did you all see their game against Newcastle? They absolutely fell apart at half time. Barce i...
Wow, I stopped watching the game after the first half... didn't think they had a chance... What a game, what a game
Hats off to ManU, Im not a fan but they played it well today. Berbatov should have made that shot though. On another note, Freidel is gettin old, still great ...
Leotrim; So you are saying that Barce is lower budget and still the better team? Saying Madrid is the better team cause they lose more often is kinda &$$-backw...
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