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I'm so happy right now.
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
I honestly think that had we not just sold torres, and Castle proably figuring the could get a lile more out of them, i think they would have paid 30Mil for car...
Why always me?
I thought it was a great game with charachter. Now-a-days ], all football has dives or big shot players doing dumb things. i perssonally pissed myself laughing ...
So you believe a striker whose clearly past his prime is better than a player who still has something to prove AND had youth on his side? Nevermind then, YOU ar...
Why? Because nobody is as dumb as Chelsea to pay 50 million for a player who wont even score a goal every two games.
Oh wow you played the dive card. ouch that hurts. Hey buddy, here's a news flash for ya, Iniesta Dove to win the world cup, Totti dove to knock out Australia in...
RVP, luis suarez, and Andy carroll? I think i just go a stiffy
Suarez is a f*****g stud. Now I expect more out of him against the blues this weekend.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Manchester City are that spoiled rich kid you f*****g hated growing up in school with. He always had the coolest toys, the nicest clothes and shoes, and ran his...
How the f**k is Ballotelli a home grown player? how are ANY OF THESE GUYS HOME GROWN!? Richards is the only one and Joe hart was bought from shwebury when he wa...
Fernando who?
I thought the first goal was a replay of the first play. f**k they pass well
Somewhere on FootyTube
Gerrard For Ever. One love for my Captain, he our generations legend.
Wow, I mean come on, am I seriously the only one who saw this coming? Manchester City gets a new sugar daddy with a LOT of dough and goes out to buy some of the...
F**k me! It's like the American economy all over again! Man United is Bank of America, Liverpool is Wells Fargo, Chelsea is Goldman Sachs and the rest of the le...
Manchester City are the biggest joke in the world. Rather then build a team they simply buy out the talent the world has to offer and yet they still can't seem ...
I agree entirely that family is everything. But when you are the captain of one of the biggest clubs in the world and you are a player of that caliber, simply r...
Maybe you should learn to write proper sentences with actual structure you spic f**k. How can you even suggest kicking steven Gerrard out of Liverpool? He is th...
Somewhere on FootyTube
What a stupid thing to say. So their football style is easier on the eyes but doesnt produce the results they are looking for....VERY GOOD OBSERVATION MR SCHOLE...
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