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Messi still beats Ronaldo
Bothroyd this amateur shows no respect to park for his assist... shows bothroyd character
Gotta love Pepe ;)
Stupid ball boy regardless of what hazard did, the ballboy still tried to delay the game. he should be given some sort of punishment, equal to that of a red ...
A ball boy shouldn't delay a game. this ball boy is a nobody, an annoying prick actually. but hazard shouldn't have kicked him, you can't kick a ball boy PC25...
Thriller to watch, i love arsenal play if only arsenal had a better finisher up top!! damn it RVP... :(
I thought QPR played well in this game but thank goodness for Julio Cesar :D
Typical barcelona supporter... angry because Real won a game. just get lost Donchino
Okay maybe it's just my opinion. Benzema is an awesome forward (gotta admit that hands down lolz), but I still think he throws away too many chances in front o...
Great spirit from Everton :D Spurs could have gotten away with the points! but Everton refused to be denied.
^ yes that's what you meant, but that's not what you said. what you said is vague and misleading. so it's not really my problem, but you're poor ability to comm...
I did watch this game live actually lolz
Yes i agree young's goal should have been allowed, and it's a good win for United, but to say United would have won 3-0 is ridiculous @'Entropy and stupid barce...
Such a dramatic game, good win for United RVP plays so well with Rooney, definitely definitely worth the money
City had more possession and 3 times more shots on target. and you think it should have been 3-0 to united?? stupid barcelona fans..... honestly shameful
Madrid dominated this game. Benzema and Ozil passes so accurate and perfectly timed. Ozil unbelievable control of ball. Benzema should assist more because his ...
On side
Some barce fans are so rude, to the point of being retarded. wtf is losernal??? douche, is that the best you can come up with? LOL I thought Real showed co...
But i still felt sympathy for ramos and pepe in this game
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