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You, sir, are correct. Barca have a strong history of breeding; so does United and L'pool etc. But what City have done here is something different.
2 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Maybe you need to get your English right! Him making a nuisance of himself means that he was being a nuisance to the other team! He was being annoying to the ot...
If? Was it? Get over your grief - I'm pretty sure that "if" didn't exist. They won fairly and pretty upright, it's the game of the season for English football.
Cause 30m can't do 1/3 of what 10m can do ;)
Because players would just move to liverpool... is there no transfer fee? are you 7
"In Real Madrid v Bayern München Let's hope Farcelona doesn't win again for 20+ years." I think he still think he's funny.
A glory supporter. "In Barcelona v Chelsea It would had been f*****g EPIC if ramires does ROnaldo's "cool down" celebration!! I'm gonna change to chelsea fan n...
It really doesn't change the fact that you made a very cuntlike comment
I thought his use of "buScat" was purposeful, only to realise it was a mistake :(
I don't think it's Crouch that is underrated, but that he underperforms. Surely he's not all that bad talent wise, but he does not know how to fulfill his poten...
3 years ago
You sir, embody the American race
Adebayor will score the penalty if he doesnt miss
Somewhere on FootyTube
I couldn't agree more. It doesn't even have a direction in either parts, too.
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