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You, sir, are correct. Barca have a strong history of breeding; so does United and L'pool etc. But what City have done here is something different.
5 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Maybe you need to get your English right! Him making a nuisance of himself means that he was being a nuisance to the other team! He was being annoying to the ot...
If? Was it? Get over your grief - I'm pretty sure that "if" didn't exist. They won fairly and pretty upright, it's the game of the season for English football.
Cause 30m can't do 1/3 of what 10m can do ;)
Because players would just move to liverpool... is there no transfer fee? are you 7
"In Real Madrid v Bayern München Let's hope Farcelona doesn't win again for 20+ years." I think he still think he's funny.
A glory supporter. "In Barcelona v Chelsea It would had been f*****g EPIC if ramires does ROnaldo's "cool down" celebration!! I'm gonna change to chelsea fan n...
It really doesn't change the fact that you made a very cuntlike comment
6 years ago
I thought his use of "buScat" was purposeful, only to realise it was a mistake :(
I don't think it's Crouch that is underrated, but that he underperforms. Surely he's not all that bad talent wise, but he does not know how to fulfill his poten...
You sir, embody the American race
Adebayor will score the penalty if he doesnt miss
Somewhere on FootyTube
I couldn't agree more. It doesn't even have a direction in either parts, too.
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