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Kazzastan gave the Bayer Leverkusen v Manchester United video a rating of 5
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Lots I want to say, some positive and some negative, but I'll keep it short and simple. A win is a win. GJ Man U
Moyes, for the first time, made the right substitutions IMO. He always screws up not knowing what to do, but today, he put Young for Chicha (not Kagawa!) to put...
Moyes would lick and clean Rooney's cleats. No way that he'd yank him at halftime. Not even at the 60th minute. He can't even ask Rooney to switch position. And...
4 years ago
What a boy. But how poor the others played. Makes me sad. So happy for Adnan, but hate to see Moyes happy. I bet he can't say a word to Rooney in the locker ro...
Moyes must be so relieved that Fellaini set up the goal. All his other touches were terrible. He should never be allowed to play that spot again.
Moyes concerned about United form!?? Are you kidding me? He better be concerned about HIS form for crying out loud. What a joke, that man. Wish we could fire h...
People should not be too harsh on Moyes. He's retarded and that's not his fault. He was born that way. Be a little easy on the guy. Using Anderson, taking Shin...
Chicha is the best. nani showed what he's got (he should've passed to kagawa on that one shot!). kagawa, 1H was terrible. just about when he started to get thin...
Kagawa played pretty well considering he was played out of position (as usual) and he was not match fit.
So who said Kagawa is not fit??? Moyes is either blind or retarded. Oh, or simply racist. One of the three.
Moyes is a joke. He should leave, SOON
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