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Jon Obi Mikel 2.0
10 hours ago
I think the best is to get an English manager for the England Job. IMO. It makes sense for me at national level to do that in so many ways, and Spain, Italy, G...
Then it's not a done deal. Jon Obi Mikel was in a United Shirt and did an interview before joining Chelsea immediately after.
11 hours ago
Apparently their population is just south of 350k, Wayne Rooney has 13,2 million followers on Twitter. Colossal failure for England.
2 days ago
The game needed a moment of brilliance for England, as a team they were toiling, rescued by that early pen. The wage comparison of players on the two teams, y...
Out of EU the Brits go. Lack of creativity in attack, reminded me of United under Van Gaal.
How do you pronounce it
1 week ago
He won't add value around here.
Incredible performance by the CAVS, never give in.
How come every time fan trouble happens English fans are not too far from the conversation?
2 weeks ago
The media is full of the dirtiest scoundrels on earth, don't believe the hype. They mid lead you daily and you still go back for more. I'll believe a story whe...
Valdes, di maria, rvp, Memphis, Herrera, .... These are all players for whose sake I m happy van Gaal got fired. Bad man mgmt, and the stubbornness of age on L...
Boys will be boys, this could be a smear campaign but also the guys need to play smart. You in the spot light don't do under age girls or do yourself a Kardashi...
I don't watch that rabble anymore whatever the occasion quickest way to disappointment. Remember that diabolical Brazil world cup opening ceremony
@SIF Relationships that involve the opposite sex are very fragile. You tread on a fine line and one slip could end in a mess. If Eva had been a man, I personall...
3 weeks ago
Mourinho not wasting time, he's been our manager since Woodward approached him for the job well before season end. So he has had his sights set on the team for ...
Dortmund exits and rumours seem to be on the rise, Clubs looting BvB for all it's worth. Plunder, Pillage and Burn!
Barracuda, LOL!
Eva is after money and fame. Doctor my foot!
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Kayslay :-)
Zlatan spotted on a toilet seat.
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