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:) what did you say?)
6 years ago
Thanks all other fans, nice to hear warm wishes and congratulations from you!
Both Madrid and Barcelona had an outstanding season, CL was just a lack of luck for both teams. Thanks Barcelona, if not Barcelona, Real Madrid would not be thi...
Real Madrid is a great team and Barcelona is great as well. Show more love,dude:) good luck on copa del ray
I think somebody else got punked by Fulham today.
:) you made me smile, dude)I am from Kazakhstan. I have never played xbox and never used to drink beer or anything. I study at University of Chicago (top 10 wor...
I think Liga Europa final is going to be much more interesting that the CL final!)
What a game! Llorente is a world class! both teams have been showing amazing performance throughout the tournament. round of applauses! pure enjoyment to watch ...
Where the f**k all of a sudden did Bayern and Chelsea fans come from? haven't heard them for a looonggg time until now. You are just fake and talk only when you...
Just wait for the next season, nobody can get into the first squad of Madrid easily. And I believe he will prove that he deserves it soon.
If the difference remains 5 points in La Liga Madrid will have nothing to lose at the kamp nou as they had in this game. and they will do just the same, and sur...
Win euro and WC and then say or sarcasm however you want. But not until then. For now SPAIN > England. I feel pity for you guys
What a stupid comment
If Arsenal still had Henry, Fabregas, Nasri and say....Campbell they would definitely lead EPL and would not be somewhere at 15th position, also does sound stup...
Sorry, but it is the most stupid statement ever. If I had studied more I would have gotten an A on my midterm, sounds stupid? right?
One thing about the goal: even if Ronaldo would not touch Mascherano, Higuain would score. Just look at the distance between the ball and Mascherano, and the ba...
7 years ago
Mt1234, I think it is you, who should get the "pink glasses" off, and start being objective
Again you here, Mt1234, Reds are playing amazing now, they are beating all the english grands in the last games, and they really deserve playing in the champion...
OMG duude, yes you, Mt1234 or whatever...Are you a Barca fan under conspiracy? But if you are really Bolton Wanderers fan, not Barca, then I should remind you t...
Scavenger894, For your information: Real Madrid recently won the Copa Del Rey, Man City won the FA cup.
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