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Your multiple rapid comments in Barca chat cause you to be flagged by our new system we had to remove quite a few as they were not constructive. Once the system...
6 years ago
I am a Real Madrid...Manchester United and AC Milan fan.... am i also banned from talking in my team chat room??? I did nothing wrong.
What exactly did i do???? I did nothing but make INNOCENT comment as regards Madrid victory. I am sooory if i did or said anything to offend anyone... Wasnt my ...
The players were tired???? how come?? Against Chelsea, they COMPLETELY dominated and di very few defending.. Madrid were running and defending like crazzzy agai...
Iker was magnificent... Our crazzy Pepe was spot on... The team worked for each other... GREAT GREAT PERFORMANCE!!
Nah...no one is claiming that... Messi is still number 1 IMO.. but Barca fan dont give cr7 and Madrid the credit they deserve. Am glad cr7 scored the winner. Ho...
Your comment was fair until you decided to characterize some Barca fans as Assholes that's where it becomes trolling. This is your second warning for trolling.
Come on my friend (Alfrodo), Barca DID show up... Madrid just completely got them neutralized. A less disciplined Madrid team would equally have lost tonight. w...
Where is our ever LOYAL MADRID FAN (Pedmar)??? The guy that criticises Mou everytime Kaka doesnt play?? The guy that DECLARED Barca La Liga Champ immediately af...
TO ALL YOU COCKY COCKY BARCA FANS... id say YESSSSSSSSSSSS. All of you took it for granted that the lead would be cut down to one tonight. TAKE THAT!!! However,...
Must say you one of the very few Barca fan's view i respect. Still a long way to go... NEXT 45mins will be massive for both sides.
Was CLEARLY ONSIDE.... Puyol fell asleep.. SIMPLE. lol
Barca fans would always come up with something..lol. "why is real madrid only defending?"...lol lol lol. dude...surely you aint watching the same game everyone ...
I bet 100euros earlier today that both teams would score.... f**k!!!!! id be soooo happy to lose my bet now.
But poor final pass..
Indeed lol. toooo cocky you.
Oh...now we play tooo too BEHIND.. damn!!! we need to push forward abit.
GOALLLLLLLLLL...GREAT START... Long long way to go still...
Hahahaha... Bremen 1-1 Bayern Naldo own goal square things up... Crazy Brazillian scoring on both ends..lol
2nd half subs for Bayern... Ribery 64th minute. Kroos 64th minute. Gomez 70th minute.
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