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4 years ago
Wont Dortmund meet Bayern at the quarter finals in the champions league?
5 years ago
LOL, seriously? Do you actually think you guys stand a chance against Barca? They are the best team in the world and you can barely beat liverpool on your best ...
6 years ago
Well what are the names of the sites?
Lol, Pepe called the ref: a son of a bitch! Ramos should have gotten a straight red. Mourinho is an ARSE!
You interested?
@Robbery69 He meant the champions league match this week.
7 years ago
Well, not according to Liverpool. Anfield, Old Trafford ManU still got their ass served to them.
Toddtalk - Same goes for Suarez. He raped, with ease, 4 manU defenders and finished off with a DEEP penetration through the goolies legs. Where I'm from that's ...
It's funny how we haven't loss to you guys ever since. Besides, bayern has the better players a cross the board.
A mid table team at best should keep their mouth shut when the grown-ups are talking, Newcastle! And for ManU, you should show some respect to the team who rap...
Well the prem is much more physical and the refs are more lenient and they don't give a way as much fouls as the la liga. Dude common, a league where Ramos is a...
Try pulling that s**t off on a Premier League team and Ramos would get his ass beat. Drogba, Terry and Alex would tap that!
What did he say, was hasst er gesagt, hvad sagde han, qu'at-il dit, qué dijo, Che cosa ha detto, Что он сказал, ماذا قال !?
Good display from Bayern with one man down. For all the Bayern fans, "Ribery's tackle was a clear red!" - no doubt about that. But can't quite figure if it was ...
8 years ago
How many K's does Ivaca Olic run per match?
Dude, even if we take Lyon, we still have to remmember Barcelona who are a in a class of their own right now. The only chance of winning the Champions League is...
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