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So what you're saying Xgooner4everX, is that you bit the bait on some butthurt Liverpool fans comments, and now you're contributing to the pointless back and fo...
1 month ago
Live in London and well.... the weather sucks. i mean, don't get me wrong, we do have a summer... think its july 2nd this year.
2 months ago
Just going to copy paste my comment from below as it is addressing this very topic: As far as I'm concerned the media don't want to miss out on the sold papers...
I'm not proud of pointing this out as I'm a huge fan of Diaby and still squirm when I remember hearing the crack of his ankle in the Sunderland game (2006). But...
I still haven't seen a single statement from Arsenal saying we don't want him. Wenger usually moves quickly to say we are not interested. As far as I'm concerne...
For those picking European teams, how do you feel they will cope with the conditions? I remember Spain and Italy being exhausted in the Confederations Cup sem...
Also the Brazuca ball should by design not move around as much as the Jabulani or the Teamgeist, so perhaps more predictable play will make defending a more pot...
'pretty good' is the point. I agree they were pretty good too.
Think it also in part comes down to roles. you would expect a winger to be smaller and faster and a centre back to be slower and stronger. A winger is likely ...
They didn't exactly have a world class defence when they got to the final in 2010 and they took it to extra time. Sometimes the intangibles take precedence.
8 months ago
9 months ago
10 months ago
1 year ago
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