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Germans missed a lot of good chances and we were efficient in converting a few of our own - just 3 shots on target but 2 goals - Germany took more than 20 shots...
2 months ago
Yeah, would be nice if you could do that just in case :) Scotland is next, day after tomorrow - I`m anticipating rough game for us.
8 months ago
1 year ago
Nice - selling Ozil = one of the bigest mistakes in this club`s history - good job Perez, as well as selling Higuain and giving Kaka out for free. Oh, and there...
I don`t know but I would gladly set his stupid ass on fire for this transfer window, among others.
I`m not offended - I feel pretty much the same way - and being Real fan since more than 13 years, I was never so sad. This club has now become some huge buissne...
It`s called pure stupidity my friend, that`s all there is to it - and you can use the same word to describe Perez`s transfer policy. We have no real playmaker n...
Well, I read some other news claiming that he is close to finalizing the deal in Arsenal. Big mistake letting him go anyway, and it will bite our asses soon I`m...
He didn`t sign yet and who knows when or if ever he will sign it - he wants to be treated as the only superstar and earn some cosmic money - to be honest I woul...
I`d love that, loved him since he played at Atletico and I think he might be a better option in attack than Benzema or Higuain.
Well day after tomorrow really :p But yes, the most important game of this season in my book. If we win i think we are on the right path to have a place in play...
Why the hell people keep voting Dortmund lucky - yea... that was one lucky 5:1 win, I`m sure :p morons And btw, I hope the Polish trio can keep this run of for...
Diego Lopez was the man of the match today. I don`t think ref was biased. He was just horribly bad. We should have had a penalty after Rafael handball. ManU als...
Lublin, Poland
2 years ago
Cr7 and pipita were great, but ramos and ozil also had amazing game.
This machine is just amazing, we need one like that in Madrid
Right, good game against Braga from your team though lol. my team also lost but at least i don`t take my time to hate on other teams day after. moron
I`m thinking: Poland - great, England - below average.
Poland was the better team tonight against England. A little bit more practice on defensive set pieces, and focus on finishing, and next year might be big for t...
Yeah right just like the Dutch went nowhere on last World Cup, just the final...
For Champions League title next year :)
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