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Haha cool, but stop with what?
1 year ago
Nice start of the season this year - hope the boys can keep this up :)
I think it`s fair to say Ronaldo will stop diving when Suarez decides to stop as well :) can`t wait for VAR to be applied in this LA liga of ours - poor league ...
Well if not, at least we got Suarez to cover for him - he Majored in diving (as proven again yesterday) and wrote his Ph.D. on how to become a part-vampire on t...
Good game Guys, I still think the chances in the tie are 50/50, especially if you have Lewandowski back in full strength for the rematch - you needed him last n...
2 years ago
Jesus, relax - it`s obvious that the referees in La Liga are utter sh*t and they have impact on the scorline on many occasions - they do it for Barca and they d...
To be honest it`s not like Pep did anything wrong - it was a bargain of the century for him to use the sell on clause Thiago had in his contract and the fact th...
Another match from Arsenal proving my point that it was good decision to sell Ozil - he has no fight and no defensive skills in him - he might be brilliant pass...
CR is aging, he might not be so fast and explosive, his dribbling skills will deminish as well, but he is starting to play like leader and create chances for ot...
Right, well, we could be efficient and afford making the big signings cause we had plenty of marketing income from the previous big signings and we made the nec...
Ok, Rajmahal, you obviously didn`t watch even a few Real Madrid games and you are just replaying some opinions and conclusions heard elswhere - if you would kno...
I never thought I would see the day when I`ll watch Messi play a crucial CL game without motivation - I think it was crucial for the outcome of the game - his a...
Relax Guys, it`s Arsenal - they are programmed to get knocked out right after the group stage, Wenger`s got nothing surprising going on in terms of tactic - yo...
Right, probably helps CR look a lot better in comparison cause Benz moves like he weighs 120 kg.
God I would love for Zidane to finally bench Benzema - our weakest link by far - honestly the guy is crap and he needs some bench time to get some perspective a...
What a rubbish couple of months Wisla`s had...
3 years ago
No Euro for Netherlands this time - I really didn`t see it coming...
Yes, it was a thriller near the end but the boys made it!
Honestly I don`t see Muller fitting into our style of playing, but I agree that Aguero or Lewandowski would be fantastic - both probably better than Benzema, si...
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Kaplica Hala Madrid - And Go Poland!
5 years ago
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