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@NandoTorres9 Tickitek(the company, i think, responsible for the ticket sales) are a bunch of lazy c***s. to minimize internet traffic on their website and pre...
1 year ago
I'm from melbourne as well, my mates were telling me that they created ebay accounts and just kept bidding. One of the tickets got up to like $7500, the the Sel...
Thank you sir
Dude, diggin your Kendrick dp! Cool points for you
@RealFan220 "Hopefully he doesn't go to Barcelona...they always ruin top, top players." It's a bit far-fetched too say Barca ruin players... "Ibra? Villa? S...
Sigh.. The Balon D'orr never really had any credibility to begin with. It's an award that reflects what national team coaches/captains and journalists value in ...
Personally i come to this forum to discuss football issues, it's always good to discuss with opinions that contrast yours. Though i do get where you're comming ...
I don't see how these awards can detract from the incredible things these athletes do on the field and make you not want to watch football anymore... Just enjoy...
2 years ago
Hahaha, atleast someone likes it.
Brilliant Profile pic bahaha!
@barcastuff: During a recent medical check-up of Vilanova, a new tumor was found. Last november, he had a tumor removed from his parotid gland. This doesn't...
1 keita? edit: for barca right?
@Barcastuff: The current buyout clauses of Lionel Messi (250M), Xavi (80M), and Carles Puyol (10M) will not be changed in their new contracts Holy sh*t!! 250 ...
I wouldn't put it beyond Falcao be able to fit into our winger role... What if he turns out to be a beast of a winger, tracking back, making awesome runs and fi...
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IMO how i see it is, everyone (players and mourinho) are responsible for real madrid's performance this season.. So far, your players don't have the hunger the...
Oh yeahhhhhhh!
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