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Yeah 2 milion is a joke
3 years ago
Baines said that he doesnt want to leave his cclub
Great tow matches :D
Nice nice goal i have to admit
Scheiss egal, scheiss egal, scheiss egal!!!
Ah i am pretty sure that a lot will change. Bayern will climb up (but of course not to the top) and schalke also.
Yes spain played great footbal. Sevilla played good too, of course. but why the acting at the end?
Wtf is wrong with the sevilla actors??
I mean, every team do at the end a little timeplay. of course...BUT WTF ?????? I have never seen something like this before! (maybe sampdoria against bremen las...
Hahaha, next year Dortmund Hannover and Mainz in the Championsleague :D Europeleague Frankfurt Leverkusen hoffenheim and Freiburg
Now seccond (for a day) but wow...cant believe it! Strange but keep it up!
That would be so sweet
Hannover is the most funniest thing in the league. HANNOVER???? seccond?? WHAAAT? but its actually pretty cool, even if i am not really the biggest fan of hanno...
Yeah but this time are completlely different teams at the top! aaaaaand dont forget the big names. Bayern, schalke, stuttgart, even Wolfsburg. I think they all ...
Yeah i think every week again: "ok...this time our streak will end." And this time again but who knows? I am a bit afraid of pizarro to be honest. he is the ma...
Feulner 1,75 €? I really doubt that
Ah come on they have a bit more injured players than only naldo :D look at the team which played against tottenham: 2 players must play from their seccond team...
Whats up with hitzelsberger? still injured???
"dortmund fans, after 8 years you learn to win, LOL, after 8 years, losers, you are kids, bayern will be champions of the world, i dont even know you...bla bla ...
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