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Well he ment it, after the game he said it was a disgrace and that him and the team deserve all the criticism they get from the media
2 days ago
Nah pool aren't much better then Bradford we should regroup and get the job done
Everygame i dont watch turns to s**t
Ramires has a pretty high market value him and mikel plus + 50 mil could be close to a 70-80 mil valuation
4 days ago
Beats me, when i saw him play in the CL I thought he was a striker lol, however we are linked with him
Douglas Costa as Salah replacement, yay or nay?
Never before has a team been so happy about getting a draw at home in the Mickey Mouse cup
6 days ago
Still want him to come here
1 week ago
If we lose Salah we should go after Kevin Mirrales, Great player thats not too expensive as well as a Belgian connection. Reus is gonna be a fool and go to madr...
Both suarez and Robben not one or the other, dont think Costa was as good as those two
2 weeks ago
No robben definitely deserves to be there
True but at least they didn't pick pique
Not terrible tbh, aside from iniesta and luiz its decent, Id put neymar or Gareth Bale but aside from that much better compared to previous years
True but Ribery is aging and just about to slow down, his patience thus far may be rewarded
Would be perfect, too bad his talents may get wasted at Liverpool, hope he stays at Bayern though.
Im so confused by these messi rumors
Still drunk from new years I see
3 weeks ago
Swap between Reus and Schurrle would be a great deal
As far as Strikers go we are in good shape for once.
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