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Pissed at him for his choice but will never forget what he has done for this club
5 hours ago
1 starting player better then 2 good bench players
8 hours ago
You should have bought him instead, Cech doesn't deserve to wear such a ugly shirt
9 hours ago
Willian is best in the Centre imo, though he does has his strengths playing on the wing and is the type of player you need to win titles and big matches just do...
5 days ago
The only awkward thing about signing pogba will be him and Hazard battling it out for that Ballon d'Or award
You dont need to list his achievments with us i know exactly what a legend he is, im not asking him to rot on the bench, a player of cechs caliber can go to any...
1 week ago
To me it's a betrayal and will take awhile after to forgive him for this, I hope he doesn't break the clean sheet record as long as he is wearing that smelly a...
Name a better fullback on the market then ivanovic?
There's is still time don't do it Cech!!!
He should go to pool or Utd when De Gea leaves and grab that record whilst keeping his cfc legacy intact joining arsenal would shatter it
2 weeks ago
Exactly,arsenal are our biggest threat now not to mention our london rival, the Wenger vs Mou rivalry it adds more to it as well. Just praying to the football g...
He can join a rival, just not THAT rival, Arsenal to me are a scary team more so then city and there would be nothing worse then them winning anything more then...
Cech is the third or fourth best keeper in the world, only Utd and Bayern don't need him, he would walk in the starting 11 for any other team in the world
He has tons options and he can choose whichever club he likes he likes but to a london rival on the rise would be a direct betrayal regardless of his history wi...
3 weeks ago
I will support him everywhere except arsenal
The real secret is to play with a mask #Zorres
I kinda want Falcao out of curiosity how he would do,as long as we have Remy and Costa we are fine
Chelsea under Mourinho > Real Madrid under Benitez
Great minds think alike :)
4 weeks ago
I'm glad you can't use them against male teams, it would look ridiculous and just unrealistic.
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