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Id play Pedro, without morata he is our biggest goal threat
1 week ago
Not really his fault, players are playing at 50%
Shameful performance
I always thought cahill was a standout defender and captain of bolton, didn't see much of alonso or azpi before they joined, Moses was a standout player for wig...
1 month ago
Hopefully I'm wrong about drinkwater still seems like a "meh"signing to me, was hoping we would get mahrez
Plus we lost matic so still a massive downgrade
I have seen drinkwater play enough to know he's not gonna be better then bakakyoko heck I'd prefer luiz in midfield over him, playing on a winning team doesn't ...
Danny drinkwater would be a nothing signing even if we do get him, all he is is just a 4th choice cm who really won't strengthen the squad that much anyway, asi...
It's 1-0, could have been 3-0 should be 0-0
4 months ago
Also ramsey interfering with play, also linesman raised his flag, lol free goal for arsenal
Our most underrated player ever, was one of the best In the league for a super long time, and above all he was a big game player and a hero in the games that ma...
8 months ago
Nah way too soft man, pedro went down way to easily most of the contact was upper body, I would flip if that was against us and the ref gave a pen
9 months ago
Wasnt a pen but the offside call was silly
Bus game
Lol ineista still in the world 11 I'd pick, Ozil, Pogba, kdb, vidal even kante over him
Playing well at the moment but he's a bit overrated imo
Close calls benifit of the doubt always goes to the attacker
10 months ago
What is the premier League record for most consecutive clean sheets?
11 months ago
Not gonna run away with it but they still definitely are the favorites
12 months ago
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