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Great way to finish before the break on a high note! Middle of the pack is getting closer.
7 years ago
I felt Lautern could win, but I am really surprised at the results.
Fourteen weeks and they are slowly moving from the bottom half of the table.
This could be the spark they need to do well over the next five matches against clubs with similar records and distance themselves from the bottom.
Another point of view: http://www.footytube.com/news/guardian/why-does-england-expect-so-much-from-footballers-368552235
Wow, Ant! Your joke turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. If this comes true you might become persona non grata in many parts of the world, seeing as Man U has...
Just started following football during the World Cup and in the few months since I've heard the Ajax program mentioned many times and to a lesser extent other E...
In the case of AC and Inter, they have been playing at the San Siro since 1947 and Genoa and Sampdoria have shared Stadio Luigi Ferraris since 1946. I think it ...
After posting, I remembered that Bayern and 1860 Munich share Allianz Arena, but play in two different levels of the Bundesliga- not exactly the same as the Gia...
Http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/842322-liverpool-and-everton-will-discuss-groundshare I'm not a fan of either team, however, I don't like the idea of two...
Juveseria, You need to meet up with Bill Kenwright- he is looking for a big spender like you! "It is no secret that I have been searching for an investor fo...
US: all states except New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, North and South Dakota, Idaho and Oregon US Territories: Puerto Rico Europe: many...
Just read a blog post from We Don't Know Football on this very item. It's from the other side of this situation that hasn't been heard from-a banking insider. S...
More shots fired in Anfield; more owner issues to add to this post: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=825435&sec=europe&cc=5901&campaign=rss&source=...
As long as there have been professional athletics, there have been professional athletes that have been embroiled in controversy. Alcoholism, drug use, betting ...
Marcinny, You can add West Ham to the list of clubs up for sale that might be difficult to get rid of. I just read a story about their co-owners trying to se...
I'm interested in 1FC Kaiserslautern based on my time in the army stationed there from '94-'97. Unfortunately, I wasn't interested in football then and never sa...
Netnerd, I would do the same with the Boston Red Sox!!! And the party would be HHHUUUGE!!!!
Marcinny, I agree that owning the team as a portfolio asset would be much easier as most executives in that position don't get emotionally involved in the bu...
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