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KINGRONALDO gave the Sunderland v Chelsea video a rating of 5
KINGRONALDO gave the Bayern München v Manchester City video a rating of 1
Dempsey is the luckiest player i've ever seen
Wow all of poland's goals were very lucky and fluky
6 years ago
LOL at the misses ahahahahaha no wonder no one watches football in america
Hey there Johan, Just thought I would send you a friendly reminder about the site guidlines here...
LOLOL liverpool even exist anymore??? im not talk about past, only future so..stroke city dont exist in spain. almeria also no exist in england so almeria can...
Lololol oal o laahahahahahaahah a hahahah ha a ha a h i laugh so hard assenal lose to stroke city. wtf is srtoke city? so funny i cry laugh. no wonder manu...
Haha aha ha ha hah ahahaha stupid english. barca scare of manuted? lololol stupidest thing i ever hear busquets is better than any midfielder in english leagu...
Ha ha ha ha hahah ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha chelsea so bad. manchest urited can only beat chelsea 2-1??? barca destroy them so easy only good manuted tea...
Hahahahahahaaahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha too EZ. no team close to barca. we beat 2nd best team in world without problem. england league is horrible compared t...
HAAHAHAHAHA so easy win. no team can touch barca manchest united is going get destroy, no chance they are overrated cheaters
7 years ago
Arse only look good bcuz other teams horrible like wigam and wolf team lets c champion league u put all hope in van pussy and nassri u will get destroyed fake ...
U have idiocy to call me glory hunter when ur asstralian that is fan of barca, valencia(wtf?), bayern, spain, holland and arse. do u just pick teams that are go...
Ur my rival mfer!
Hmm Up himself, glory hunter?
Hey lozer
Arse = wannab barca. y u copy us? can never win trophy or league, can only beat team like horrible wigam cant wait see bunch loser arse fans when u get rape ...
"I'm confused if he is a Madrista or not. Club says Barcelona, I assume Ronaldo is, Mr Phenomenom but he uses Madrid in his comparison?" my name for fat ronald...
LOLOL stupid manchester city cant even beat poor asston vila how much money manchester city spend? 300 million plus life savings and still losing to worst team...
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