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I would like to have my account deleted. Too many Mods here high on power.
3 years ago
"Wow give a little power to a person and this is what happens." You realise Matt made footytube, right?
6 years ago
"Just becos a few people doesn't agree with an opinion, even though it may be well thought out, it's trolling!?" If you write it on a rivals wall with intent t...
I'm even sorry I introduced this website to a bunch of my friends three years ago.
Get over myself? Pleeease. I should be saying that to a few moderators on this site. Please dont abuse your power. Its disgusting. Just becos a few people doesn...
Wow give a little power to a person and this is what happens. Let me ask you this. Do you even know the difference between trolling and having an opinion? oh an...
Hi, Despite a previous warning about trolling rival forums you have not stopped. Please take this as your final warning if you persist with this behaviour I wil...
If your strange post to me was about the short friendly warning on your wall here, that's part of my job. If you spend your time writing negative stuff on rival...
Lmao! Lol he thinks he's the s**t. He walks around like he's won everything there is to win in the football world. Wake the f**k up, you ain't s**t yet so don't...
Balotelli45 - that's his opinion mate. What? He's a dumb ass idiot becos he doesn't like Balotelli? He isn't allowed to post his disappointment of balotelli aft...
Dadaus - I've been having the same problem mate. Apparently there's an overly sensitive female in the Footytube moderator team. Anything they find personally of...
The thing is, I don't even "start" most posts and if I do, it's not to troll or insult anyone. Most of my posts on rival posts are actually replies to their idi...
What's up with the overly sensitive moderators on this website? Do some of them even know the difference between trolling and banter? What do they expect us t...
Excuse me? Is there anything demeaning or insulting about what I post on rival forums? With all due respect, i just wanna say that just because you don't agree ...
Man i have so much respect for Song. The guy is a jewel. Really. A f*****g jewel. I don't know where Wenger picked him up but I've been noticing him for a while...
I can't stop watching this. I watch this more than the man Utd game. Amazing Arsenal!
Arsenal!!! My hero!!!!
You may have won the battle dudes and it was a painful battle as a Utd fan. But you're about to lose the war.
I don't know how many moderators there are on these forums but they should all sit down, have a cup of tea, have a little discussion and come up with some basic...
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